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Apple Cider Vinegar as Medicine

8 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Medicine

It is a very well known fact that apples are very healthy and nutritive. Apart from apple juice, apple cider is not only used as salad dressing, but also as important medicine with multiple purposes. People are familiar with the application of apple cider vinegar early in the morning, dissolved in a little water for digestion improvement, as well as for weight loss and burning fat. Those who suffer from high blood pressure and want to preserve the blood vessels are highly recommended to use apple cider dissolved in water with one coffee spoon of honey as well.

The following information is very useful regarding different apple cider application as medicine remedy:

Splitting Headache

For people who suffer from splitting headaches as a result of stress and hard work simply mix 10 grams of apple vinegar cider 10 grams of honey and very slight amount of chamomile extract! This super soothing balm will just expel the head ache and will provide you nice and calming sleep.

High blood pressure

People suffering from obesity escorted with high blood pressure and perhaps difficult breathing, should consume two tablespoons of apple vinegar cider mixed with one average glass of water. This mixture is consumed 3 times a day and the high blood pressure will be history.

Cold and Flu

Rinse your throat with a mixture of apple cider and honey along with several drops of propolis. You can feel the alleviating ability of this miraculous mixture.

Permanent Fatigue

This modern and extremely fast life style is often accompanied by permanent fatigue that surely leads to anemia. To avoid this, simply put together 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 small pot of honey. Keep this mixture in a jar in refrigerator and consume every night after dinner.

Sinus Pain

There is nothing more annoying as pain in ones sinuses. This will be history if you make mixture that consists of 2 large spoons of this vinegar into one glass of natural water. Consume this drink as much as you feel you need to consume, eventually the sinus pain will be gone.


Acne are typical for teenagers and people with extremely oily skin. In order to eliminate those little skin imposters, simply mix 1 part apple cider vinegar to every 2-3 parts water and wash your face in the morning, in the afternoon and before going to bed. No more acnes definitely.

Weight Loss

Every morning start your day by drinking solution of two glasses of water mixed with two large spoons of apple cider vinegar. This drink accelerates metabolism and burns fat.


Apply handkerchief dipped into solution of apple vinegar cider and little water several times during the day. The redness and swollen skin will be reduced immediately.