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Grow Turmericat Home and Supply Yourself

How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply of Turmeric at Home. It’s Ridiculously Easy!

With over 600 therapeutic benefits, turmeric is perhaps one of the healthiest spices that you can use. It has antibacterial and anti-septic characteristics which make it very recommendable for treating wounds. Nevertheless, its anti-inflammatory character is more popular and it induces some medical experts to believe that turmeric is more powerful than ibuprofen. Hence, in this article we want to show you the way to having 100% natural turmeric by growing one in the cosiness of your home. In this way, you can also save some money as this spice is known to be a bit expensive.

Growing Turmeric Indoors

Turmeric is grown from its rhizomes (root cuttings) because it doesn`t have seeds. It`s also for the rhizomes that most of the people harvest this herb, even though its leaves and stems are edible too. For start, you will need only one turmeric root which you can find in a supermarket or in your local health store. First, you need to break a larger rhizome into a smaller piece with two or three buds. Secondly, fill in your pots with a moist, but well drained organic soil. Thirdly, place the rhizomes 2 inches below the soil surface with the buds facing upwards. Water the soil after you finish planting.

Watering the Turmeric

Before explaining the watering procedure, it`s important to highlight that bi-monthly feedings of a good fertilizer or compost tea can be highly beneficial for this root.

Turmeric loves water so make sure you keep the soil moist by all means. Provided you don`t live in cooler climates, water the herb once every two days. Spraying it with a spray bottle also comes into consideration. Do anything to prevent this herb getting soggy.

Harvesting the Turmeric

It usually takes 8 to 10 months for the rhizomes to mature and become edible. The rhizomes should be harvested all at once when you notice that they have grown big enough. In that case, dig them up from the pot and you can keep several rhizomes to plant next season provided you change the soil which now has probably lower nutrients value because of the original plant that grew in it.

Storage and Use
Keep you turmeric roots in a cold and dry place. Before using the roots, follow this simple procedure. First, boil the roots for 45 minutes. Then, leave them in a dry place and drain them for 1 week. When the time comes, you should peel the roots, but make sure you protect your hands from dying bright yellow by putting on rubber gloves. In the end, grind the peeled roots into spice to use in different meals or just make tasty turmeric tea or turmeric latte. Its healthy nutrients can do wonders for your health regardless of the form in which you use them.