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Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Aloe Vera
Another natural anti-inflammatory agent is the herb aloe vera. Aloe vera is famous beneficial herbal remedy for most of the skin problems. This is due to its anti-inflammatory as well as cell repairing capabilities. When it comes to receding gums, aloe vera not only reduces the inflammation of gums but also activates the cells that are important for repair of tissues. Aloe vera also has anti-bacterial properties that help keep the infections away from your mouth.

Do this:
– Use two ways: implement aloe vera gel for receding gums or aloe vera gel as a mouthwash.
– Every morning and in the evening, when you have brushed and flossed, take some aloe vera gel on your toothbrush and brush your teeth and gums once again. Wash mouth properly after finishing off after 3-5 minutes.
– Alternatively, use aloe vera gel as a mouthwash. After you brush in the morning, add some water to the aloe vera gel and mix it until it gets a consistency that’s easy to swirl around in your mouth. Wash your mouth with this aloe vera mouthwash. Do this every time you brush during the day.

Massage with Sesame Oil
Massage with Sesame oil is one of the most effective traditional treatments for various oral diseases. Especially famous for healing cavities, oil massage can even prevent and reverse receding gums. The anti-inflammatory and many other properties of sesame oil help remove toxic elements from your mouth along with reducing plaque buildup. As mentioned earlier too, plaque buildup may contribute to receding gums in a major way. Sesame oil provides a protective coating over your teeth that prevent plaque from building there. Ayurveda recommends oil pulling not only for curing many oral diseases but also for better absorption of nutrients in your body.

Do this:
– Warm the sesame oil a little. Never make it hot, just warm it a little.
– After brushing your teeth, take the sesame oil into your mouth.
– Swirl and swish this oil all around your mouth for several minutes.
– Initially you may do oil pulling for half to one minute and keep on increasing the time as you get used to it.
– Try to reach a point where you are able to pull oil for about 15-20 minutes at a time.

Massage with Coconut Oil
Coconut oil with its excellent antimicrobial properties makes you rest assured that it will immensely help you in preventing and treating any infection that is present in your mouth. You should know that bacterial and other oral infections too cause gum recession, coconut oil can be a good remedy to combat it. Not only does it prevent tooth decay and heal cavity, coconut oil massaging is capable of treating almost all the gum issues including receding gums.

Do this:
– Everyday: after brushing your teeth, use some coconut oil as mouthwash.
– Take coconut oil in your mouth and swirl and swish it around your mouth.
– Do this initially for 1-2 minutes and keep on increasing the time as you get used to oil massage.
– For treating all your oral diseases and keep your mouth protected from any future disease, keep coconut oil in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes daily.
– This may also reverse your receding gums.