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Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

Probably happened to you on occasion while you’re eating out and order a glass of water without ice and the waiter looks at you like you’re crazy. It often happens to me, I always drink water without ice and I think that I’m not crazy.

Let me explain the following:
Just close your eyes and imagine.
In a warm summer day you are standing on a dock at a high mountain lake. The temperature of the air is very high about 30 °C and the temperature of the lake water is probably many levels lower. It seems to have a big difference between the air and water temperature. Imagine what would happen if you close your eyes and dive into the water.

What happens to your skin? What happens to your body? Is your body tight and constricted, or open and relaxed?

Cold water closes our bodies’ pores and constricts our skin, while warm water opens our body pores and makes our skin feel looser. Same happen with your digestive tract when you drink iced water.

The differences between drinking cold water and drinking warm water

What happens to your body when you drink cold water:
– Blood vessels are shrinking
– Digestive system becomes restricted
– Hydration is hindered
– Body is trying to regulate your body temperature instead of creating energy throw digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients
– Drinking cold water leads to easier catching of cold and illness because it decreases the function of the immune system which is caused by the creation of excess mucus in the body due to drinking cold water after the meal.
– Drinking cold water while you are eating or immediately after, the temperature of the water solidifies the fats from the eaten food and makes harder for the digestive system to digest the unwanted fats from the body.

Some people think that drinking cold water burns more calories, because it makes the digestive system to work harder. It is true but there are a lot of easier ways for burning calories than to do this by drinking cold water which is more difficult for our body.

What happens to your body when you drink water on room temperature or warmer:
– Increases and fastens hydration of the body
– Makes food easily to break down
– Drinking warm water with a lemon in the morning is very healthy because this makes your bowels work better
– Stimulates natural digestive enzymes and improve your digestion

Just try to drink warm water and the results will be visible. You will notice dramatic improvement in the way your body feels when you are eating and after that and also dramatic improvement in your digestion. Some of the people said they also noticed a reduction in sugar cravings.

So, next time you go to a restaurant, tell your waiter “just water, no ice”!