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Little Weed

One of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet is This Little Weed

You may have it on your lawn, but you keep stepping on it and even ignore it.
However, this little weed that is quite innocuous and its amazingly one of the most beneficial medicines on the planet. All you need to do is harvest it.

Worth knowing is that they are two types of plantain in BC, Canada; Broadleaf and Lance. But you get the same results from over 200 varieties of this plantain yield.
Soil that is considered rocky and poor is the most common place where this plantain grows, mostly alongside dandelion. You can also see this plantain growing in different construction sites such as gravel pits, it’s the way of nature to regenerate the soil.

Native Americans were the first ones who introduced it in the 1600s, and they used to call it “White Man’s Foot” for the fact that they witnessed this plantain growing in the places where Europeans disrupted and tread the soil. For many hikers plagued from mosquitoes this plantain has been a go-remedy. Its unique capability and astringent nature makes possible drawing the toxins in cases of bee stings, acne, rashes, slivers and glass splinters. This is achieved by chewing it; crushing it or putting it directly over the site.

All you have to do is simply bandage the area with this plantain for 4-12 hours and just let it work its magic. It can be used as an emergency kit made from the balm of this plantain, or a general wash or an infusion used as a skin. Also it can be used as soothing, notable medicine for hemorrhoids.

Plantain is very beneficial to our digestive system due to its healing effect. So it is recommended for everyone damaged under the influence of antibiotics, food allergies, pain or anti-inflammatory medications, or Celiac disease.

Healing of the digestive system is made by targeting of both plant and seeds of this plantain. The leaves can be used as a tea made from them, added to soups or dried with a sauce. As for the seeds- those of psyllium type, can be soaked or grounded for absorbable fiber or bulk mucilage. It helps losing your weight if you consume it before your meals.

Other illnesses that can be treated by this plantain are; coughs lung problems and cold.
This is due to rich content of silica and because it is a gentle expectorant.

The wide variety of illnesses treated by this plantain makes it almost a panacea for our body, since it can be used very efficiently in cases of all digestive issues, skin problems, menstrual difficulties and arthritis. You can ease your thirst by chewing it, it can be added to salads or simply enjoy it in stir fries. Your health will be grateful for many years to come only by adding this wild versatile vegetable in your daily food menu.

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