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Regrowing Vegetables

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again

Chop the green part of the scallion leaving just an inch of its root and place the root in a glass with very little water. Place the glass in a well-lit room and within a week you’ll have a new fresh green part of the scallion.

You can grow garlic sprouts by placing the garlic in a little water. The sprouts are great for pasta and salads because they have a mild flavor compared to the garlic. You can re-grow garlic sprouts the entire time.

Bok Choy
Bok choy, a type Chinese cabbage, is very popular in China. If you happen to have bok choy just take the root and put it in water in a room with lots of light. Keep it in water for a week or two and after that you can transplant it in soil if you want to get a full grown bok choy. Keep an extra root to grow bok choy all year round.

Carrot greens (the green leafy part) are great for salads or soups. They look like parsley very much, and taste equally good. Just so you would know, the orange part of the carrot cannot be re-grown. So, cut the top part of a carrot and put it in water in a room with plenty of sun light and in no time you will have a healthy ingredient for salads.

Re-growing basil is very easy. Clip a couple of inches from the top of a basil stem and remove the leaves leaving just a couple. Place the stem in a glass of water somewhere where the sun rays will get to it. Keep the water fresh for 2 weeks and when the stem has grown some roots just plant it in soil. Do this with other basil clippings and you won’t have to go to the grocery store to buy basil anymore.

Take a bowl of water and put a chopped celery base in it. Don’t forget to place it where there is enough sun light. In about five days you will see new green leaves sprouting from the middle of the base. This is when you have to transfer the base in a pot with soil. Cover the entire celery with soil and leave only the new greens above the soil.

Romaine Lettuce
Chop the bottom of the romaine lettuce head and put it in half an inch of water. Change the water every day to keep it fresh and keep it in a well-lit room. As soon as it begins to sprout just transfer it in soil.

To grow some cilantro you will need to put a cilantro stem in water and wait for it to grow some roots just like with basil. When the roots have grown to a sufficient length just plant the cilantro in soil and you will have fresh cilantro herb in a several months.

Do this throughout the entire year and you will never have to buy vegetables again.
Share these tips with your closest ones if they want to have their own fresh vegetables.
Image source: We are not Foodies