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Carrot Juice to Cure Pancreatic Cancer

Carrot Juice Helped an American to Cure Pancreatic Cancer Without Chemotherapy and Radiation

The author of a large number of books for children born in Wisconsin, USA in 1943, Ann Cameron, had a colon cancer surgery on 6 June 2012. At the time of the surgery, this wicked disease was in the third stage, and after the surgery the writer felt better and refused chemotherapy. However, it seems that it was some kind of a placebo effect. In fact, shortly after the surgery, on 6 November 2012, the results of the computed tomography showed that the colon cancer entered the fourth stage and spread to the lungs.

The medical prognosis for her was not good at all. They predicted her not more than three years of life, and explained that she will not have any use of radiation and advised her to start with chemotherapy, although it could not be expected that it will extend her life. Her husband died from lung cancer in 2005, but she did not want to give up and began to search for alternative treatments. In her search, she encountered a confession by Ralph Cole who cured his skin cancer by consuming juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots every day.

Then on 17 November, Ann began to drink this juice regularly, dividing it in equal amounts for the whole day. She did not go to chemotherapy or to radiation, and sometimes she ate junk food, such as ice cream. Two weeks after drinking the juice she was examined by positron emission tomography, and the results showed that the situation is not changed.

But eight weeks later, on 7 January 2013, the computed tomography showed that the vicious disease has stopped spreading, the tumors began to decline, and the swelling of the lymph glands as well. After four months of therapy, in March 2013, the cancer continued to decline and the glands returned in the normal condition. After eight months of treatment it was found that the cancer has completely disappeared.

The secret of the carrot juice is in the fatty alcohol and the natural pesticide which is found in the carrots, and it is proven that it has anticancer properties. The drinking of this juice increases the level of carotenoids in the blood, organic pigments, for which it is considered that have a preventive effect on the formation of tumor cells.