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Head Lice

Get Rid of the Unpleasant Head Lice Once and For All

Basic instructions to follow:

Use the mint mouth wash to wet the child’s hair. It is totally safe and harmless. If necessary, in case your child has long curly hair, use the whole package of mint mouth wash.

When this first step is done, we go to the next one. Having the whole hair nicely drenched into the mint mouth wash, wrap the shower cap and leave it like that for at least 60 minutes. To protect the powerful action of the mint mouth wash, place aluminium thin foil and after it a towel and another one if necessary on the shoulders, in order to prevent the mouth wash going down the body. They can continue to play, study, paint, watch cartoons or whatever they like, just to make sure that there is nice vacuum on the head and that all the hair is inside the shower cap.

After one hour, take out the towel, the aluminium foil and the shower cap. With 100% certainty there would be a lot dead lice trapped into the shower cap. This is the strongest evidence that this cheap method definitely has done a good job!

Thoroughly rinse the mint mouth wash. Then use the apple or white wine vinegar. Nicely deep the hair in it and then again put the shower cap on, put the foil and use the towel again to make nice vacuum for the hair. Leave it like that at least an hour.

When one hour has passed, remove the towel, the foil and the shower cap. Rinse the vinegar first with warm water and afterwards shampoo the hair even twice if necessary to take out the sour smell of the vinegar.

When all of this is done, comb your child hair faced down in a towel or directly into the bath tub, so the lice will fall down directly. Use the metal lice comb, it is a perfect tool to remove once and for all these little creatures from your child’s head.

The mint scent helps to keep them away for good. It is being proven that lice can not stand the mint scent, so in order to strengthen this eliminating lice process, put some of it in an empty spray bottle and spray your child hair before kinder garden or school.

This treatment has proven to be cheap and healthy, since you can assure yourself that you did not let any bad or dangerous chemicals into your child’s skin and bloodstream. That is the biggest side effect ever, when using classical medical shampoo.

This cheap, completely tested and safe alternative will cost you less than one third of the whole amount you were going to spend using the traditional medical stuff and you will see the results very soon. The treatment efficiency is proven after the first application. Spraying on your child’s hair from the spray bottle with mint mouth wash will keep the lice away. You can be a calm parent that applied natural and safe medicine method on their children. It will worth a while, so do not even hesitate to try this out. Send lice into history for good. Go for it!