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Losing Weight

Herbs for Weight Loss

Have trouble losing weight? Well, did you know that some herbs could help you with that? Since the dawn of time, herbs have been used as a natural medicine for curing any illness, including obesity. Certain types of herb could be more effective than other, depending on lifestyle and body size, regarding weight loss or/and suppressing appetite. Hence it’s better to use a certain mixture of various herbs which are effective for balancing body weight.

Herbs for Losing Weight

Herbs known for their diuretic properties have been used for a long time now. We could name a number of them, like alfalfa, juniper, uva ursi, dandelion, parsley, corn silk, yarrow-all are widely known for their ability to combat fat. Because of that, they’ve been manufactured in both tea and pill form.

Guarana, cayenne, green tea and cinnamon have been known to possess thermogenic attributes (boosting your metabolic rate) for a long time. Herbs like the hawthorn berry and bladderwrack improves thyroid functioning, as well as stimulating adrenal glands.

Some herbs can even fool your body as if its sated, suppressing the need for food and hastening the body’s metabolism. Uva-ursi and buchu herbs on the other hand, remove unnecessary fluid from your body. They need to be consumed on a regular basis for the effect to be constant though.

For balancing and boosting up your metabolism you can use the cayenne herb, along with other healthy herbs which follow.

Garcinia cambogia, which has been used as a natural appetite inhibitor in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, started to gain increased media coverage for its weight loss properties only recently. It suppresses appetite, while preventing fat to be formed in our body (lipogenesis), lowers glycogen production in the liver, boosts metabolism and above all, lessens the enzyme which transforms carbohydrates into fat.

Gallium aperine is a wild herb which you can stumble upon in many places all around the world. It has been constantly used as a diuretic as well as cleansing your lymphatic system by purifying your body from toxins, removing the effects caused by them and also making your skin clean and nice.

Curcuma longa is a traditional Indian Ayrvedic medicinal plant used for better food digestion. Also known as turmeric, it was considered to be able to cleanse the entire body from toxins. Latest studies state that this particular plant stimulates the liver by easier bile secretion which in turn helps with bringing down fat.

Taraxacum officinalis, generally recognized as dandelion was first mentioned by Arabian physicians in the 10th and 11th century for its richness in vitamins as well as digestion and liver stimulation. It was used for any issue connected to the liver, especially for its ability to suppress sodium absorbability.

Note: Information provided within is displayed as a generalized overview of beneficial herbs. For the best results, consult professionals who can create individual programs, especially made for you and your body type and digestive system.