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How to get rid off a bloated stomach

How To Get Rid Off A Bloated Stomach? The Solution Is Here

There are many reasons why a person’s stomach feels bloated, but people usually think it’s connected to constant belching or farting when they have a heavy meal, although some people feel bloated all the time. Here are the usual reasons behind this:

Your body is not hydrated enough – many health issues appear when you aren’t inserting enough water in your system. This is primarily caused by people who drink large amounts of coffee and alcohol. Therefore, drinking 6-8 glasses of water is recommended in that case. Deprived of water, our body seeks any liquids it can find, so bloating may be caused due to fluid retention. If this is the case you will need to drink lots of water.

Dyschezia (Constipation) – having a hard time emptying your intestines is a sign of constipation, meaning that the gasses are trapped behind your excrement. Therefore, you should include more fiber in your diet, but do it only gradually because it could worsen the issue. Consume whole grain bread instead of white, eat organic berries and drink lots of smoothies to fix this problem.

Eating too fast – when the food hasn’t been chewed enough the body processes it much more slowly, causing bloating. So, eating in small bites is recommended.

Carbs – eating too much carbs can cause bloating, thus eating low-carb food should solve this issue. Replacing chocolate, sugar and alcohol with fruit and vegetables works great too.

Stress – there’s a saying that stress is the silent killer. According to some studies this also affects the digestive system. Namely, when your mind is stressed, the brain prevents the digestive system from functioning properly. You may also get stomach ache and constipation, which pass the moment you relieve yourself from stress.