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How to Grow Ginger At Home

How to Grow an Endless Supply of Ginger Indoors

Since this plant requires low amount of sunlight, you can leave some of its parts to continue growing in the soil while using the rest makes it the perfect plant to cultivate at home. And let’s not forget about its delicious taste, which makes it even more appealing! Its roots are commonly used for tea, herbal mixtures and cooking.

For ginger to become ripe enough for usage takes 10 months. It doesn’t stand chilly weather so better to keep it indoors until it’s warm outside.

Planting ginger
The best places to purchase ginger from would be garden centers or seed catalogs, while you can rarely find any at the local garden suppliers. Ginger obtained from a grocery store could be used for planting but the results would be much lesser, due to the inhibitor usually used on ginger to prevent it from sprouting, which unfortunately lasts even after you plant it. If you do buy it from there, be sure to soak it in water overnight to get rid of any pesticides it may have.

Useful advices for growing ginger at home:
The root for planting has to be plump with tight skin, not old and withered. It’s better if it already has several sprouts, the greener the better. Each of them can be cut off and planted in a separate pot for growing. Ginger grows horizontally, so be sure to pick wide, shallow pots.

Step-by-step guide for growing ginger indoors:

1. Soak the ginger in warm water overnight to remove any toxic chemicals.
2. Fill the pot with rich drainable soil.
3. Put the root in the soil with its eye bud pointed up; cover it with 1-2 inches of soil and water it well.
4. Put the ginger pot in a place that is warm and not too sunny.
5. Maintain soil moisture with a spray bottle or by light watering.
6. After a few weeks you should be able to see some sprouts out of the soil. Continue with the regular watering and moisturizing.

Collecting ginger:
You can harvest the first pieces in 3-4 months after planting. Pull some of the soil at the edges aside so you could find some rhizomes underneath. Cut the wanted amount off a sprout at the edges of the pot and return the soil afterwards. As long as you are taking good care for the plant it will never stop producing roots and you could harvest it like this continuously. In case you need a bigger harvest you could uproot the whole plant and plant several rhizomes to start over.