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How to Prepare Lemon Water Properly

How to Prepare Lemon Water Properly

The latest trend among people that are into healthy living is drinking lemon water. For those of you that don’t know what lemon water is, it’s simply a glass of hot water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice, a very healthy drink that helps your body get rid of any toxins. When toxins accumulate and we don’t discharge them, they can easily affect our well-being and our immune and digestive system.

Even famous nutritionists and media pundits like Keri Glassman have been supporting this trend. She told ABC News Radio that a glass of lemon water every day can help our body stay hydrated, improve digestion and regulate our appetite. The best time of day to consume this drink is in the morning before breakfast.

Another nutritionist and founder of Food Coach, Dana James, said that this drink has amazing cleansing properties. She says that the detoxification process is activated with the help of the bitterness of the lemon, which activates the bile flow which in turn removes fat soluble toxins and emulsifies them.

So, how to prepare lemon water properly? Add some lemon zest. This is something that many lemon water consumers overlook. The zest will introduce the flavonoid limonin in your body, which is where the detoxification properties come from. But, make sure to use lemons that have not been treated with pesticides. According to Dana James you should add at least half teaspoon lemon zest if you want to make use of all the benefits of the lemon.