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McDonald's Downfall

McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

Something incredible is happening: McDonald’s stocks are starting to take a dive to the bottom due to fact that the citizens of USA and abroad have decided to stop consuming the company’s “frankenburgers”.

This decision has hit McDonald’s like a speeding train and even forcing its CEO to resign on their last briefing due to the company’s continuous decline. McDonald is desperately trying to recover by removing its CEO and CFO, as well as organizing a new “faddy” advertizing campaign which was started at the Super Bowl.

Regardless of all their new marketing or financial moves in the world, that can’t change the fact that folks won’t ever eat their food again due to their GMO-filled fast food ingredients which have been monitored and documented by various health organizations and media. We shouldn’t be surprised by their refusal, due to the fact that those ingredients contain matter used in the production of yoga mats and silly putty!

Here are some of the ingredients we can find in McDonald’s fast food meals:

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a chemical known for its use in making silly putty, silicone breast implants and imagine…chicken nuggets.

Azodicarbonamide is a chemical used for creating foamed plastic accessories like yoga mats

Propylene glycol is a chemical with laxative properties and also used as electronic cigarette filler which is slowly getting out of commission by the e-cigarette companies

“On Monday, McDonald’s reported global same-store sales that declined 2.2% month on month. This missed analysts’ expectations for a 1.7% decline. In the US, the story was even worse for the fast-food giant as same-store sales fell 4.6%.
The disappointing numbers from McDonald’s come as the chain faces increasing competition from restaurants like Chipotle. Last week we noted that even the Federal Reserve’s fieldwork on the US economy showed the consumer shift toward outlets like Chipotle and away from chains like McDonald’s.”

This should not come as a big surprise, since McDonald’s isn’t wild about removing these substances from their products and providing the market with a non-GMO alternative (obviously the warnings from health groups and experts fall on deaf ears there), nor have they tried to cease their financial support for the chicken farms factory, which was exposed by the media to have inhumane conditions, forcing chickens to sit on generations of blood and feces.

Will removing the “frankenburgers” from our dining table be their only option? According to the Business Insider, ‘McDonald is losing America’, with good reason. McDonald’s is in serious trouble.