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No Honey At All

Shock Finding: More Than 75 Percent Of All ‘Honey’ Sold In Grocery Stores Contains No Honey At All, By Definition

According to the research made by Food Safety News, almost 80% of honey brands sold in major grocery stores and pharmacies had no trace of pollen. The little packages of “honey” provided by restaurants and airlines have even less – 100%.

FSN stated that the lack of pollen in the majority of conventional “honey” products is because of them being ultra-filtered, meaning that they’ve been put through intense heating and tiny filters and watered down before making to the store shelves.

FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) confirms that any honey products that have been ultra-filtered contain no honey at all, but the agency is doing nothing to stop this. Ultra-filtering is a high-tech procedure in which honey is heated, occasionally watered down and afterwards forced at high pressure through small filters that remove the pollen, which is actually the only foolproof indicator about the origin of the honey. This is based on a technique previously used by the Chinese, who have sold tons of their honey (some containing illegal antibiotics!) to the U.S market for years.

FSN started an investigation, having heard about US groceries being overwhelmed by unidentified honey. They bought 60 various honey brands from 10 different stores, from a long list of supermarkets. They sent all of the samples to the foremost melissopalynologist and professor at Texas A&M University, Vaughn Bryant. His discovery was that approximately 3/4 of the honey contained no pollen hence making it unsafe and unidentifiable. He also found the following:

• 100% of honey from KFC and McDonald’s had all pollen removed.
• 100% of Winnie the Pooh brand in Walmart stores had all pollen removed.
• 100% of honey from drugstores like CVS Pharmacy and Walgreen’s had all pollen filtered out.
• 77% of honey from big box stores like Sam’s Club, Target and Costco had no traces of pollen.
• Honey purchased from co-ops, stores and farmers markets like Trader Joes contained the full amount of the original pollen.

The product that we get through ultra-filtering is everything like the health-destroying white table sugar, processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Honey heated to such temperatures is devoid of any useful nutrients. Also, a crystal-clear honey free from honey wax and other fragments has usually been processed with extreme heat, something which causes destruction of the most of honey’s good enzymes and vitamins. Processed honey is not honey anymore.

Contrary to that, one ounce of raw honey has around 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, 20 vitamins and loads of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Raw honey is rich in nutrition. Containing large amounts of B2, B3, B5, B6, C vitamins, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, potassium, sodium chlorine and phosphate makes it excellent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal substance.

The best way to preserve and boost yours and the health of your family is to buy local honey or honey that’s been certified as organic. There you can get the real stuff, as some local producers process their own honey.