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5 Popular Weight Management Plans

World’s 5 Popular Weight Management Plans

The Media impact and health awareness has made people realise the importance of maintaining their weight and keeping their bodies fit. Some aim at having the perfect Hollywood celeb figure inspired by the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio or Angelina Jolie, but others dream of a more realistic and healthy weight loss target. To cater to the growing needs of people wanting to get in shape, weight loss programs are gaining popularity. Conditions like obesity and being overweight are directly linked to cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. Weight plans combine different kinds of exercises and meals to decrease excess fat. We list out five most followed diet plans across the world:

1. Paleo’s Diet

This dietary plan consists of food that was consumed around 2.5 million years ago during the Palaeolithic age, before the farming system started. The farming techniques made dairy grains and legumes commonly available and it is believed that the human body could not adapt to this rapid change. This development is considered to be a contributing factor to conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.

A Typical Day’s Menu:

Breakfast: Broiled salmon and cantaloupe.
Lunch: Broiled lean pork loin and salad (romaine, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, walnuts and lemon juice).
Dinner: Lean beef sirloin tip roast, steamed broccoli and salad with mixed greens, tomatoes and avocado, onions and almonds with lemon juice for dressing. Strawberries for dessert.
Snacks: Orange, carrot and celery stick.
Drink lots of water and remain physically active.

2. Atkins Diet

The diet was created in the 1970s by cardiologist Robert C. Atkins. The Atkins diet restricts carbs while increasing the intake of protein and fats. This diet is known to have launched the low-carb diet trend and claims to help improve blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.
The diet plan works perfectly well for both non vegetarian and vegetarians, alike.

A Typical Day’s Menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sautéed onions and cheddar cheese. Recommended beverages include coffee, tea, water, diet soda and herbal tea.
Lunch: Chef salad with chicken, bacon and avocado dressings along with a recommended beverage.
Dinner: Baked salmon steak, asparagus, and arugula salad with cherry tomato and cucumbers, along with a recommended beverage.
Snacks: You can have snacks twice a day which includes cheddar cheese and celery or any Atkins product such as a chocolate shake or granola bar.

3. TLC Diet

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet helps you lower cholesterol. The diet involves eating foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. You can enjoy unsaturated fats which are derived from canola, safflower, sunflower, and corn oils.25 to 30 percent are derived from unsaturated fats rich foods that contribute to your daily energy needs. Saturated fats increase cholesterol levels which in turn increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This diet cuts down on the consumption of saturated fat and the percentage you consume is less than 7 percent only. The saturated fats are derived from butter, shortening and animal fat. You consume not more than 200 milligrams of cholesterol per day. Cholesterol is found in poultry, egg yolks and red meat and shellfish.

A Typical Day’s Menu:

Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal with 1 cup fat free milk, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, and 1 sliced banana.
Lunch: Sandwich made from 2 slices whole wheat bread, 2 ounces lean turkey, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, 1 cup carrot sticks, 1 apple.
Dinner: 3 ounces baked or broiled salmon, 1 cup cooked brown rice,1 cup cooked broccoli,
1 tablespoon olive oil (used in cooking), 1 slice Italian bread with 1 teaspoon soft margarine.
Salad: 1 ½ cup romaine lettuce, ½ cup tomatoes, ¼ cucumber, 1 tablespoon vinegar and oil dressing.
Snack: 1 sliced peach with 1 cup fat free milk.
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