10 easy summer hairstyles


Is it too hard to style your hair in the summer? You might have spent a lot of time nailing a hairstyle and then sweat, oppressive heat and humidity ruined it. Keep reading to know some easy summer hairstyles that will last all day, even when the temperature heats up.

  1. Sleek bun summer hairstyle: Do you want to keep your hair off your neck, but don’t want to throw it up in a messy bun? Choose this super-cute sleek bun summer hairstyle. Use a non-flaky hair gel to keep any flyaways at bay.
  2. Beachy waves summer hairstyle: Go for beachy waves to give you a slightly messy, “I-woke-up-like-this” look this summer. To get the waves, use a curling wand. Then spritz on some sea salt spray and crumple up your hair for added volume.
  3. Face-framing braided summer hairstyle: This is an easy summer hairstyle that you can do within 10 minutes. Spritz some texturizing spray on your hair. Scrunch it up and braid the two front portions of your hair for a tousled look.
  4. Headband summer hairstyle: Use a headband to keep flyaways at bay. Apply any hair oil through your ends. Slide a headband on to complete this easy summer hairstyle.
  5. Wavy summer hairstyle: Add texture to your hair in the form of soft waves.
  6. Braided ponytail summer hairstyle: Sleek braided ponytails are a legit mastermind solution to any unwanted flyaways and frizz. Before you start braiding, use texturizing hairspray to add some grit and hold to this easy summer hairstyle.
  7. Bubble ponytail summer hairstyle: Divide your hair in half down the middle and bring the sections in front of your shoulders. Space tiny elastics down the tails in equal distances to add the poufs. Then mildly pull the hair in each section to add the volume and a bubble effect.
  8. Bandana bun summer hairstyle: Just the thought of a handkerchief around your neck bothers you, right? But how about one tied around a half-bun? It’s a pretty practical and easy summer hairstyle.
  9. Messy topknot summer hairstyle: You probably have done a messy bun before. This messy topknot summer hairstyle is cute (especially if you pull out a few wispy, face-framing layers to hang around your face).
  10. Low bun summer hairstyle: Have you been wondering what to do with a summer scarf? Stick its end through the elastic at the base of your ponytail. Twist your hair and the scarf together. Wrap and pin it into a low bun. Leave the scarf’s ends out for a softer finish.

Can hairstyles cause traction alopecia?

Traction alopecia occurs due to the stress applied to the root. It causes damage to the hair follicle. If a hairstyle is too tight, there will be excessive pulling on the scalp. This can damage the follicle. Ponytails can cause frontal or parietal hair loss. Tight braids can cause marginal or central alopecia with the widening of the part lines. Winding hair into a bun on the top of the head can cause horseshoe alopecia in the center of the scalp. Brush rollers applied too tightly can cause unevenly shaped areas of alopecia. Forceful combing or even a fervent massage can cause diffuse hair loss.

Dealing with traction alopecia

Have you noticed patchy hair loss around the top or sides of your scalp? Do you think it may be due to traction alopecia? The best thing to do is instantly change your hairstyle to one which is looser and more natural. This prevents further damage. In most cases, the hair fall should only be temporary, provided that it is noticed early and steps are taken to reverse the process. Nevertheless, if the condition has persisted unchecked for a considerable length of time, there is a risk that the hair loss might be permanent. Hair fall control might be impossible for those who have early androgenetic alopecia or who have developed scarring from prolonged traction. People with traction alopecia might visit a trichologist for assessment. Early androgenetic alopecia requires separate treatment.

How homeopathy can help?

Hair fall requires personalized treatment. In homeopathy, the selection of hair fall treatment is based on:

  • The extent of hair fall
  • The grade of baldness
  • The condition of the hair and the scalp

If you are noticing hair loss, you should visit the nearest hair clinic as soon as possible and consult your homeopath. The expert and experienced homeopathic doctors can determine appropriate hair fall treatments customized for you.


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