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Hair transplant

Hair transplant has gained popularity for the permanent hair loss treatment. Hair transplant surgery can improve self confidence and appearance of an individual. It provides fantastic natural looking results when it is done by an experienced surgeon. It is typically performed in medical office under local anesthesia. There are different reasons that are responsible for baldness such as diet, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance and medications. 

Hair transplant procedure

There are two types of hair transplant methods slit grafts and micro grafts. Slit grafts has four to ten hair per graft. Micro grafts contain one to two hairs per graft. 

Who can get benefits from hair transplant and who can’t? 

There is also some criteria that decide whether you are good candidate for hair transplant surgery-

  1. Men who lost their hair because of male pattern baldness over five years or who are in class three level.
  2. Men and women who have lost their hairs through trauma and burns.
  3. Men and women who lost their hairs through cosmetic procedures.  
  4. Women with thin hairline.

Hair transplant is not good option for following individuals-

  1.  Women with widespread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp.
  2. People who do not have donor hair sites to perform hair transplant surgery.
  3. People who have lost their hair through medication such as chemotherapy.

What happens after hair transplant surgery?

After getting this treatment scalp may get sore so it is important to take medications such as taking antibiotics for reducing pain. 

Complications associated with hair transplant-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Itching 
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Unnatural looking tufts of hair

What kind of hair growth takes place after surgery?

The new hair may be more or less dense depending on the following aspects-

  • Density of follicles 
  • Quality of hair
  • Hair curl
  • How loose the scalp is

It is very important to take medicines after hair transplant procedure otherwise one can experience hair loss in non treated areas of your scalp. Also, one should discuss the results with the surgeon and develop realistic expectations.

Recovery rate

Recovery is a different process for every person depending on their age, how long their body takes to heal. No doubt, if a healthy lifestyle and precautions are followed then recovery rate will be faster and patient will get best results. A healthy diet is very necessary for hair growth.  

 Important points to be kept in mind 

One should be very careful while selecting good clinic and expert as it saves money. Never decide best doctor by seeing only the advertisement of clinic. It would be very helpful if one visits clinic before getting this treatment. Doctor should explain about the cost involved in the treatment and patient should ask all the queries because some clinics charge on the hair basis and some on the basis of grafts or roots. These points aid you in making the right decision for surgery. Contact best Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab.  

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