Practice Yoga Safely After Hip Replacement Surgery


Most of the people having a regular practice of yoga, which gives many health benefits such as improving flexibility and muscle strengthening that can help reduce joint pain in the short term. In case you’re getting back into the swing of yoga after hip replacement surgery is a progressive process that should be taken carefully and gradually. During the yoga session, you need to avoid certain positions and forms to ensure you do not injure yourself. You must know that yoga can become an important part of recovery therapy as well as help to strengthen the muscles crossing the hip joint. In this segment, we are going to acquire certain additional knowledge about yoga after hip replacement and a few of the guidelines that you should understand.

Considerations must be taken when practicing yoga after hip replacement

Before going to practice yoga, patients must be aware of specific precautions to take based on their medical history, what kind of surgical technique used, type of surgery, and type of implant. Because the new joint will often have limitations and restrictions will be necessary for a safe yoga practice. Some kind of joint implant is designed to perform activities of daily living and not made for advanced yoga poses. Including the stress of the surgery on surrounding tissues makes them vulnerable to injury. So, staying within a certain range of motion parameters and avoid any position that causes pain.

Things to remember when practicing yoga

  • When you participate in yoga after hip replacement surgery, then you have to understand some information that everybody is different and whether you are still in recovery or had hip replacement surgery in the past month. There are few precautions are mentioned below for your reference:
  • Firstly, schedule a private session to have a detailed conversation with the yoga teacher. So, they can offer proper variations and props during your practice.
  • During practice, you have to focus on breathing into sensation and avoid pushing too far, which causing pain or injury.
  • Start yoga practice with introductory, basic poses since these will be slower paced, informative, and a great way to determine your comfort in mobility.
  • Yoga is focused on posture, body alignment and poses will be done on the right side of the body then life. Hence, be aware that you will be favoring one side and be careful to observe that favoring behavior over time.
  • When taking your yoga session, the most important thing is you have to keep breathing and stay ?

Prevent dislocation after hip replacement surgery

Your surgeons or doctors allow you to resume a yoga practice. The priority should be preventing dislocation, and it occurs in two percent of patients immediately after the procedure and the most common reason for revision surgery. For instance, they did not tell to restrict any movements because it is important to recognize that yoga is unique in the demand of places on the hips. Taking yoga after hip replacement that regular yoga practice can help you to build strength in the muscles around the hip and give the new joint maximum stability.


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