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  How to Care for Dry and Damaged Hair During the Winter Season


Winter is right around the corner and so is dry hair troubles! In the current times, the cold weather outside mixed with the dry indoor heat can actually give your hair a tough time. It could cause damage and split ends. In order to have damage-free hair, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. 

Here are some helpful tips to care for dry and damaged hair during the winter season. However, it is always a good idea to consult a dermatologist first before trying out any new products on your hair. Because of the pandemic, a lot of dermatologist consultations are now happening online, so you can now take better care of your hair without stepping out. 

Shampoo less often to help keep the scalp clean

Plaques of skin can smother the growth and slow down the hair from growing 

properly. In Fact, sulfur and paraben present in shampoos can make the hair drier than usual. Which can cause frizziness. It’s important to have a shampoo that is sulfur-free and will help keep the hair moisturized. Such shampoos can also help with hair that is chemically treated and can lock moisture within.

Use a leave-in conditioner 

Use an oil-based conditioner to tame the frizzy hair. A dense conditioner could really do wonders for frizzy hair. Leaving in the conditioner can actually help the hair from getting damaged further.

Try getting a weekly hair treatment 

A remedy for dry hair would be to get hair treatment often. There are several hair treatment options to opt from. There are several hot oil treatments as well. Hot oil treatment not only keeps the hair tame but also improves the health and growth of the hair. When getting an oil treatment it’s important that you massage the scalp well so that it increases blood circulation thereby increasing the chances of having healthy hair.

Cut down on your heat heavy styling methods 

All the heat and styling can really impact the hair negatively. It’s always better to keep your hair as far from the heat as possible. Especially in winters even if you’re styling your hair with heat try to use a heat protectant serum or spray that can actually provide a layer of heat protection for your hair.

Satin hair wraps and pillow covers

Satin really helps with not breaking hair and damaging it further. It’s advisable to get satin pillowcases, it doesn’t break the hair any further. Wrapping your hair in a silk wrap can also keep it intact and prevents it from getting frizzy in the morning. Tangling of hair can lead to hair fall and split ends. You can keep all these problems at bay with a silk head wrap or a pillowcase.

These are some of the ways you can keep your hair healthy during these dry winter days. Taking good care of your hair and using heat protectants really helps your hair in the long run too. 

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