3ply disposable mask


Researches reveal the term “face mask” has become one of the most searched phrases online at present. The reason is apparent as The Coronavirus spreads worldwide. Medical authorities’ advice is to wear a mask to minimize the risk of getting infected. Therefore, people rush to buy masks from the pharmacies and online. There are two general types of masks. They are reusable masks and disposable masks.

3ply disposable masks

Medical officers, doctors, and people who are in high-risk of being exposed to the Covid-19 use surgical masks. 3ply disposable mask is one of the surgical masks. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the supply of masks is not capable of catering to the demand for the masks. People panic and buys whatever they can get their hands on and whatever available. But the problem is, are you safe? 

There are thousands of 3ply disposable masks with different brands available. It is better to be aware of the real masks before buying them. Ultifresh manufactures and distributes surgical face masks, Singapore, and worldwide shipping also available.

How To Know If Your Mask Is The Real 3-Ply Disposable Mask?

These are the tips to test before buying a 3ply disposable mask.

3layers test

If you cut-open a 3ply disposable mask, there should be three layers. The outer layer consists of a hydrophobic non-woven layer, which is translucent, a middle melt-blown layer which is white and an inner soft, absorbent non-woven layer, which is green, blue, or white. If you cannot see three layers, it is a fake mask. 

Burn test

The inner layer of a real 3ply disposable mask is made of melt-blown fabric, which does not burn like a piece of paper. It should melt, and there aren’t any flames visible. If the mask usually burns, it is not an original mask.

Pour water test

The outer layer of a 3ply surgical mask is waterproof. When you pour some water, the mask should repel the water if it is a real 3ply mask.

Light test

Real 3ply mask should be thick enough to prevent bacteria from going through the mask. It should not transfer too much light through it. This tip is another way of testing if the mask is real or not.

Ultifresh Disposable Mask/ 3-Ply Surgical Mask

Ultifresh produces surgical face masks in Singapore using high-quality materials in an air-tight, dustfree environment.  Ultifresh 3ply disposable mask provides BFE (Bacterial Filtration) 99% protection against the Covid-19. People can order surgical face masks, Singapore, and worldwide.

Ultifresh possesses the product certificate verification of SGS and GTT. It is a guarantee of a real 3ply disposable mask. Ultifresh 3ply disposable mask went through and passed seven main mask-making tests, including waterproof test, weight test, static filtration test, filtration bacteria test (Against COVID 19), flammability test, breath-ability test, ear-loop test. 

The Outer Layer of Ultifresh 3ply mask is made of Waterproof Non-Woven Fabric (Blue), the Center Layer is Melt-Blown Fabric, and  Non-Flammable Material and the Inner Layer consists of Non-Woven Fabric (White). 

Using the correct health products is a significant concern to avoid coronavirus. Make sure you have the protection provided by an iconic company rather than whatever available in the market.

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