4 Cosmetic Methods to Sort out the Problem of Hair Loss



The hair transplant procedure involves the surgical procedure of transferring the hair roots from the donor area to the recipient one in such a manner that the bald areas fully get covered with the live hair follicles. The process of transferring the hair roots is done via the technique, either by the FUT or FUE. This gives utmost cosmetic results in terms of regenerating the original hair roots with all the aesthetic concerns and weighs the position of a topmost treatment idea to get back the natural charm and beauty. 

The hair transplant in Delhi gives you an option of getting the procedure facilities at an affordable cost with an expert hand and mind and weighs as a topmost destination in India for the cosmetic treatment. 

Here we are given a brief about Top 4 Cosmetic Remedies to sort out the Problem of Hair Loss/Baldness:

  1. The FUT Hair Transplant: The FUT or a follicular unit transplant is the process of hair root extraction via the strip of the skin that is mainly excised from the safe donor area, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp. The FUT hair transplant is the only method to receive the permanent hair roots as the extraction only made from the occipital and parietal part that are DHT-sensitive and never shows the effect of hair loss or miniaturization. The FUT hair transplant’s excision part performed with extreme care, concern and the way of doing the job notify the Surgeon’s proficiency and expertise in doing the same. The procedure’s outcomes are firstly decided by the way of extraction and the later steps are associated with the aesthetic concern of the procedure.
  2. The FUE hair Transplant: The FUE or follicular unit extraction is the process of hair root extraction with the help of punching machine that facilitates the option of single follicular unit extraction in a single time. This technique is always made with the aid of punching tools that involves a dynamic punching process, subsequently decreases the capacity of donor areas. This technique of extraction is compelled to target the unsafe zone area due to random punching process, results in getting temporary hair roots as well. Therefore, it is not a safe medium to extract the hair roots and taking just as an alternative method of hair restoration.
  3. The Combined Method of Hair root Extraction: The combined method of hair root extraction is also termed as the Mega/Giga session that is the combination of both FUT and FUE hair transplant. This method of hair follicle extraction is applied when there is the need for a greater number of grafts for covering a major grade of baldness, or there is, the less compatible safe donor portion that insisted a Surgeon to apply FUE also in order to get the feasible number of grafts for covering the particular grade of baldness.
  4. The Body Hair Transplant: The body hair transplants are applied when a patient doesn’t possess a good donor supply to fulfill the aesthetic demand of procedure. In case of body hair transplant, a Surgeon utilizes the body hair, either taking from the areas of chest, armpits, moustache or beard to fulfill the normal hair transplant’s requirement. The body hair transplant is done via the technique of FUE that must perform under an extreme supervision of the proficient hair transplant Surgeon. 

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On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is an only permanent medium to sort out the problem of baldness completely and taken as an aesthetic medium to restore natural hair. It is compatible to fulfill the cosmetic benefits of the procedure and a widely chosen option to restore natural looks and beauty.


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