5 Alkaline Foods You Should Include in Your Daily Diet


The level of pH is almost close to 7.4 for a healthy diet. The acid-base balance of the body does not generally change unless there if there is a high intake of acidic or alkaline food. An alkaline diet has the following benefits – it reduces the chances of being affected by various diseases, lowers the blood pressure, prevents any bone infections like arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, helps shed extra fat from the body and also helps reduce the chances of contracting cancer. This is also the reason it is known as a super food that is capable of cleansing and detoxifying the blood.

5 Alkaline Food That Should be the Part of Your Diet

To balance the body out with the acidic food intake, which includes alcohol, soda, dairy products, processed foods, etc-here is a list of alkaline foods that you can get from various local markets and also specific online stores like alkaline herb store.

  1. Soursop Leaves – Also known as the Graviola leaf which is well known for its healing properties. It contains small amounts of niacin, riboflavin, and iron all of which have vital medical properties. It is known to fight cancer, treat nervous system disorders, gouts -to name a few of its benefits.
  1. Spinach Rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, and chlorophyll. Also, this has vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants. This helps in improving digestion and also the eyesight. The calcium available in the spinach also helps in increasing the strength of the bones.
  1. Avocado The fiber and sodium of the avocado fruit provide essential nutrients for the body. This fruit can be used as dressing for the salads and as a substitute for margarine. This fruit also contains potassium and healthy fat as well that helps in losing weight.
  1. Tomatoes They have high alkaline levels and also has several nutrients in their raw form. They contain a lot of vitamin C, digestive enzymes and one of the rarest mineral-vitamin B6. have it in its raw forms by slicing it up and adding it into your vegetable salad to enjoy the health benefits from it.
  1. Almonds This is a very good alkaline-forming snack or can be an excellent addition to any recipe like any dessert or sweet dish. They contain a lot of healthy fats, so you will fill full when you have such nutritious dishes. The magnesium in almonds is the reason why they are among the alkaline-forming foods.


There are several other alkaline-forming foods that were not included in the list but you can try them out. The list includes garlic, sweet potato, basil, and jalapeno. These alkaline foods are readily available so have them in plenty to avoid any sort of inflammations, cardiovascular diseases, and numerous other ailments that can occur due to the regular consumption of highly acidic food such as spicy curry and/or rice, fast food such as burgers, pizzas, etc.

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