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5 best tips to help you mentally prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery


The main aim of bariatric surgery is to help you remove those extra pounds of fat from your body. But only a good emotional state will facilitate weight loss after the surgery. The gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana suggest some tips get yourself mentally prepared for the surgery:

  • Have realistic expectations: Bariatric surgery does not make you slim overnight, rather it makes your stomach smaller to store less food. Before going for the surgery be prepared to see yourself either the same as before or a bit bulkier due to fluid accumulation. Weight loss will take some time and effort.

5 best tips to help you mentally prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Keep company: Gastric sleeve surgery is a big step, thus a support system is required to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated throughout the process. Consult reliable resources like webinars, conferences, etc to learn taking baby steps towards weight loss.
  • Combat food addiction: The surgery has reduced your stomach limit but has not put a restriction on your emotional desire to eat. It is advisable to address your food addiction, as munching on junk food will render the surgery futile.
  • Keep depression at bay: The success rate of bariatric surgery is 80% depending on the emotional and mental state of the patient. It might be difficult for a food lover to give up their excessive eating habits and that may result in depression. Thus, always try to keep a positive attitude towards weight loss after the surgery.
  • Give up addiction: Alcohol and tobacco are the worst enemies of a patient who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery. The calorie content of alcohol is high and the intoxicating effects are likely to kick in faster. Whereas the use of tobacco after bariatric surgery can make the patient susceptible to post-surgical stomach irritation or gastric ulcers. It also increases the risk of respiratory ailments and other surgical complications

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