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5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Tooth Sensitivity


Have you experienced an unbelievable sensation consuming chilled ice-creams or hot chocolates? You’ve been searching for a workable solution. Unexpectedly, there are many other ways to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity without spending a massive sum of money on expensive items of toothpaste. Not because you use a wrong toothpaste or brushing in the wrong ways, you can develop sensitive teeth; food habits have a lot to do with the wellbeing of your teeth.

So, don’t panic in this awful situation, with the help of Kanata Dental you can get a proper cure for your condition. And also, get an answer to the question like; what is sensitivity in the tooth? How does it occur? What is the preventive measure to avoid this pain? How can you cure this?

Let’s discuss;

What’s causing sensitivity to the tooth or dents?

Tooth sensitivity is caused by dental enamel rubbing away or by the removal of tooth roots. This can come from drinking acidic food and drinks. Gum recession caused by too hard a brushing can also cause sensitivity to the tooth. Unacceptable overuse at-home teeth – whitening brands may also result in sensitivity in teeth. Some factors that may lead to sensitivity of the dents include:

  • Overzealous brushing
  • Fast Brushing
  • Grinding tooth
  • Dental cleaning, or therapy.
  • Temporary susceptibility to the cuts
  • Gum disease

Too many causes, such as receding gums, whitening of teeth, tooth decay, or genetics, may cause discomfort in the dents. Yet there are ways to alleviate your pain.

How to Remove Sensitivity Tooth?

We’ll be sharing five methods in this blog to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

Using good teeth sensitive toothpaste :

Shift to a toothpaste that desensitizes and offers kinds of toothpaste intended to help sensitive people with molars. Look for the potassium nitrate ingredient that helps fight the sensitivity of the dents and stop the pain. To help desensitize your teeth, mix your toothpaste with stannous fluoride for a mouthwash.

Adjust your toothbrush and various practices:

How you brush and the kind of toothbrush you use to make your teeth more sensitive, so it’s useful to look closely at your brushing habits. Ensure you use a soft-boasted toothbrush when cleaning your teeth gently. Vigorous brushing with rough bristles can help to recede the gums, expose the sensitive teeth and strip away the enamel and increase the sensitivity of the teeth.

Tooth grinding: 

Grinding your teeth can wear away the enamel and leave the dentin exposed. Change that bad habit of grinding your teeth and help rid your teeth of their sensitivity.

Proper mouth cleaning:

 Make sure all parts of your mouth, including between your teeth and along the gum line, are cleaned. And clean your teeth and floss twice a day to avoid gum loss. These steps help your teeth to rid themselves of sensitivity.

Avoiding acidic food and beverages:

Kanata Dentist sources say that acidic foodstuffs, such as coffee and citrus fruits, will dissolve your enamel and make your teeth more sensitive. Prefer to avoid all those acidic foods, but we recognize that giving up your morning joe cup is difficult. Instead, aim to minimize the sensitivity to these foods, and drink acidic beverages to reduce interaction through a straw with the liquid. Take a glass of milk after eating these foods to aid in neutralizing the acid

  • Fix your schedule today:

Whether you have sensitive teeth, don’t ignore your regular oral care schedule. Be very sure to use a soft toothbrush and soft floss. Brush your teeth twice a day, and always floss. Ultimately, if you suffer sensitivity in your teeth so that you can contact Kanata Dentist, they can help you get rid of your sensitivity to your teeth with personalized treatment.


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