5 Moroccan Beauty Products You Just Have to Try


If you love natural beauty products, you may have heard that Morocco is the country to go. They have known about the benefits of using cosmétique chemical free products for decades. Morocco is also the source of many of the main ingredients that are used in these products. Each containing vitamins and nutrients that have huge benefits for your skin, hair and nails, these ingredients are now being used by many leading brands all over the world.

Morocco is a beautiful country in a gorgeous part of the world. It is of little surprise that the wonderful climate has bred such wonderful natural products. You just have to look at the beautiful women in the country to recognise just how beneficial some of these natural ingredients are.

If you are yet to experience the beauty-enhancing natural products from Morocco, we have listed 4 of the best to get you started.

Rhassoul Clay

Clays are widely known around the world for its benefits on beauty. Rhassoul clay has to be up there with the best of them, however. This clay is full of minerals that have numerous benefits for the skin. Traditionally, it is used as a body wrap where women wear it for up to 30 minutes before washing it off.

Argan Oil

Another Moroccan gem is Argan Oil. Known for its benefits for the hair, skin and nails, this is one of the better known Cosmétique naturel maroc. This oil is sourced from Argan trees and is used to add elasticity to the hair or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, Argan oil is the number one beauty product for many women in Morocco.


Rosewater is another popular choice among women in Morocco. We all love roses anyway but thanks to the beauty benefits, we now have a reason to love them even more. Rosewater is a great natural remedy for acne and many other skin conditions. Even the smell offers up some benefits such as being great at reducing migraines.

Beldi Soap

Packed full of vitamin E and antioxidants, Beldi soap works great at reducing the signs of ageing and preventing free radicals from getting into your skin. A Cosmétique nature, this soap is made purely from olive oil. Not only can Baldi soap be used as a body wash but it can also create a heavenly body mask that will bring its benefits to your entire body.


Morocco has quickly become a major player when it comes to natural beauty products. The oils, clays and other beauty cosmetics above are a big reason for this. The great news is that they are just a small selection fo the great natural ingredients that are widely used in the country. For your next vacation, we strongly suggest a visit to Morocco so that you can stock up on some of these wonderful products.

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