5 Reasons to Why You Should Never Neglect Your Hearing Loss


There are probable chances that either you or someone you know is suffering from hearing loss. But rather than addressing it, you choose to neglect it. You chose to cope up with it, you will turn the TV on louder or ask people up to speak up and quiet does feel really nice to you. So you choose to ignore your hearing loss. Hearing loss tends to impact many issues in the quality of life among other important ones like:

  1. Mental health

Many studies associated with hearing loss to issues of mental decline like anxiety and depression, increased brain shrinkage and sometimes dementia as well. Experts from Audiologie Centre-Ouest suggest that you should get your hearing health check once it changes the structure of the brain and get a suitable hearing aid by consulting a proper doctor as it reduces the risks of cognitive decline.

  1. Physical health

When you age, falls are one of the top causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries for the elderly. As no one is aware of how many falls are associated with hearing loss every year, researchers have found that people suffering from hearing loss are thrice more likely to fall than those with no hearing loss. It is believed that hearing loss may detract them from awareness around them, which causes more tripping and falling. Experts suggest getting a proper hearing aid to restore balance during aging.

  1. Income and career

A study concludes that untreated hearing loss can cost around $30,000 per year and were twice likely to be jobless as compared to those wearing hearing aids. Experts suggest that wearing hearing aids may help reducing the risk of income loss by a whopping 90 to 100 percent. It also increases focus and productivity during work.

  1. Personal safety

Here you don’t need studies to understand that missed or misheard signals from car horns, alarms and other alerts can impact a person’s safety. And it doesn’t have to be yours as well. Adults looking after infants and younglings must know when their charge is in distress. Experts suggest to get your hearing loss treated so that you can clearly listen to the warning alerts around them to be on a safer side.

  1. Relationships and social interactions

Untreated hearing loss also leads to social isolation as it poses challenges of missing out and cause people to withdraw from their near and dear ones. The social isolation can cause many disorders like illness, depression and even shorter life spans. Hence, get proper hearing aids by consulting an expert.

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