5 Ways to Make EAP more accessible to your Employees

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EAP or Employee Assistance Program is one of the most essential tools that any company uses for the mental well-being of its employees. With the advancement of technology, EAP is not just limited to a confidential telephonic line of counselling but has evolved to fit the requirement of the present fast-paced generation. As a business leader or owner, you must be aware of the EAP which helps employees by offering support to deal with various issues in both personal and professional life. These mainly include mental problems caused due to stress, anxiety and so on. In addition, some EAPs also provide legal and financial assistance.

So, before anything else, here’s all you will need to know about Employee Assistance Program-

  • It can be described as a voluntary program which is work-based.
  • It offers free confidential assistance or short-term counselling to the employees who are suffering from any emotional upset.
  • It also addresses broader issues based outside work, such as family relationship, financial, etc.

How to make EAP more accessible and reliable?

Often, the mental health of the employees are overlooked in a few organisations but in places like Singapore, people are more aware of the importance of the same. It is through this type of programs that the country is among the happiest nations in Asia.

Now that the Employee Assistance Program has become one of the common tools and is being used by many, it’s accessibility has also gained better convenience. So, how can it be accessed without any issue? Check out the points below:

  1. Let the employees know you are offering EAP

Needless to mention, this rather seems extremely obvious. If you are offering any kind of service, you will need to make people know. In addition to that, providing complete details like what the EAP covers, who can take advantage of it and the various types of uses it has been designed for.

  1. Promote on Social Media

Social media platforms have become one of the integral parts of any business or service. The advancement and technology the present generation is gifted with are really going a long way to shape any requirements. Hence, if you offer any useful service like Employee Assistance Program, you must take it to the social media platform. Just offering users with a “click here” button would be enough to make it easily accessible.

  1. Ensure the program is confidential

There is no denying that any employee who is suffering from a particular mental challenge would not want to share with everyone. Even if he/she takes the EAP service, it must be kept confidential to make the employee rely on it.

  1. Benefit fair and events

Another way of making the Employee Assistance Program easily available to the needy ones is through internal events and benefit fairs. Those employees who really favour speaking up for themselves and their experiences can be used as an ideal case study. Plus it will be more advantageous if those employees are now holding better positions in the organisation.

  1. Communicate the Employee Assistance Program

Communication is a bliss gifted to mankind and with the proper use of it, one can really win a battle without even raising the sword. In the case of EAP, one must raise awareness by dictating the importance of it. Moreover, employers should be proud of actually offering services like that.

Employee Assistance programs have emerged as a benefit offered by many organisations in Singapore. Based on the statistics produced by the EAPA, over 97% of the companies having more than 5,000 employees provide the benefit in the US, which is followed by 80% of companies having between 1,001 and 5,000 employees provide the service. Even the companies having lowest headcounts between 251-1,001.

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