6 Good Reasons You Should Consider Eating Potatoes


There’s a lot of prejudice against potatoes all around. Some find it to be a fat-filled food, too sugary, too starchy and many other unhealthy things. If you ask around, you’ll find that many people have many reasons why they wouldn’t eat potatoes. Most of these reasons are wrong; however, there is so much potato nutrition that people miss out on. To help you along, below are six good reasons you should consider eating potatoes.

Nourishing Minerals

If you knew just how many minerals are packed in sweet potatoes, you would buy some right now. Minerals are vital to promoting several functions of your body, and potatoes offer you magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, and several other minerals to help you along. These minerals are easily digestible and are therefore always a better choice than bread and pasta.

Variety of Cooking Ideas

There are several ways you can cook potatoes that one can say makes it an exciting dish. If you’re looking for healthy food, you can make a potato salad. You can also boil, bake, fry, and mash your potatoes. Potatoes are usually a vital part of a balanced diet. An idea of how to make potatoes is to mash it up with butter and cream and then top it off with Greek yogurt.

Very Affordable

Despite its many benefits, it’s amazing how affordable these spuds are in the market. They are very cost-effective and, therefore, can easily be gotten for a few pence. If you are cutting down on expenses and still want to eat healthily, then you’re in luck with potatoes.

They Do Not Make You Obese

Many theories are flying around about how potatoes can make a person fat; they are all fake. Potatoes are fat-free, and m, therefore, cannot make you obese or cause inflammation. In fact, the minerals contained in potatoes can help reduce inflammation and also increase your metabolic rate. Therefore those thinking potatoes cause diabetes or obesity can rest assured that it does not.

Home for Nutrients

If you’re looking for a nutrient powerhouse, then you won’t have to go much further than these taters. Many people miss out on potato nutrition by stuffing themselves up with French fries and the likes when they could get vitamins, fiber, starch, and many minerals just from a mid-size potato. They are also sodium-free and are, therefore, an ideal choice at all times.

Perfect for Weight Loss

For those looking to shed a few pounds, you really should consider adding potatoes to your diet. They can help you drop those pounds in no time. Magnesium that is potato nutrition, helps make you feel full and therefore reduce your food intake. The fast metabolic rate fostered by potato also helps to rapidly convert the food to energy, preventing fat deposits.

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