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 Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Receding Gums?


Most dentist services provide cosmetic dentistry that can restore or enhance the smile of an individual. There are several choices, from dental implants to veneers and whitening. Many who struggle with receding gums may wonder if their smile can be fixed by cosmetic restoration.

While the response depends on a few different variables, understanding what triggers the issue, what treatment options are available, and what to expect can make people feel more positive about treatment. Ottawa Dentist gives you a few crucial questions to solve problems with receding gums.

What do mean by receding gums? 

Once gums recede, the gum tissue draws back from the teeth itself but, including the tooth base, may end up revealing a lot more of the tooth than usual. The cosmetic effect is that teeth sometimes appear longer than ever. In dental health terminology, the exposure of the root will lead to severe complications, such as rotting and unpleasant reactions to hot or cold foods, since the tooth root is composed of dentine, which is thinner than enamel.

What induces gums receding?

It can enable those who have this problem to consider the cause before a dentist can fix receding gums with restorative dentistry. For dental patients who have bad oral care habits, this may be particularly beneficial as they can learn new and better methods over the course of the treatment. Although inconsistent brushing is typically one of the key culprits, the disorder can also be triggered by other factors:

  • Diseases of periodontal origin. 
  • A vigorous scraping of the teeth. 
  •  Tissue inflammation 
  • Insufficient dental care
  • Diets of high-fat or high-sugar
  • Dry chronic mouth

What are the symptoms of gum receding?

Cosmetic Dentist Ottawa providing a symptom list if individuals have receding gums, however, they can encounter the following:

  • If the tooth becomes longer and the gap among teeth grows, questions about changing appearance
  • Afraid of missing their teeth
  • Cold and heat exposure due to exposed teeth roots
  • Perhaps significantly, receding gums, like gum disease, can be a sign of ongoing dental conditions and can raise the risk of tooth decay and dental problems. Poor breath and bleeding gums may also suffer from them.

Can cosmetic dentistry be able to help?

An easy treatment that can continue to address the problem of receding gums is gum contouring. This also includes using tissue from the mouth cap, taking a thin graft, and using it to cover the portion of the tooth that is visible. Then the original gum over the graft is drawn off. There are several different gum contouring methods right today, but most are relatively painless and only require one or two procedures. Your dentist will be able to explore the solutions with you.

And what were the gum contouring advantages?

  • When your teeth look “natural” and less exposed, you will feel less self-conscious.
  • By attempting to cover up the exposed dental base, gum contouring may help to reduce the possibility of decay.
  • This procedure can also help to minimize sensitivity by giving some safety to the uncovered natural tooth.
  • In terms of ideas, because your gums shape your teeth correctly, you will have a more desirable and young smiling face.

Is there any other option than contouring gum?

Yes conversely, patients who do not want to undergo gum contouring may select gum veneers to enhance their smiles. This approach involves the development of a mold of the gums by a dentist, which is then checked for proper fit. A secondary mold is made after the dimensions are checked, one that suits over the region the patient wishes to conceal. These veneers are typically built, much like dentures, for nighttime replacement and cleansing and may provide an alternative option for those that are not suitable options for gum contouring.

What is involved in aftercare?

There are going to be different needs for a cosmetic dentistry patient, but follow up care for gum contouring or gum veneers can also vary. In order to avoid further contraction and floss more diligently, patients will have to change brushing procedures to promote future gum hygiene. Little or no aftercare is needed in most situations, although veneers may need changes on occasion. Patients may choose to go back to the dentist for a cure if these dental instruments get inconvenient.

Where to contact for gum contouring?

Please get in touch if you would like to read more about gum contouring to address the issue of receding gums.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to assess your condition, Ottawa Dentist will get you in, conduct a decent tooth cleaning, and then assess what causes your receding gums, the seriousness of the problem, and according to your dental conditions, the best course of action.

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