Can Pets Have CBD?


CBD is gaining a lot of traction not only in the medical world but in the veterinary world as well. Increasing numbers of people are using CBD to help with a variety of ailments that pets can suffer from, including pain, anxiety, depression, and other illnesses. However, not much is known about CBD for pets right now, so it is advised to start small and to speak with the pet’s veterinarian before offering CBD oil or treats to the pet. Read below to learn more about offering CBD oil or treats to your pets and what you need to know before getting started.

How to Administer CBD for Pets

CBD is generally given to pets in one of two ways. The main way to get them to take CBD is with CBD oil. The oil can be put into a dropper and added to their food or given to them directly. Some pets may take CBD oil easily, while others may not like the taste and will not want to eat the oil. The alternative is to provide pets with CBD-infused treats. These treats are specially made with CBD oil in them and designed for pets. Since pets generally love treats, the CBD treats are an excellent way to provide CBD to the pets without them trying to avoid it.

What Pets Can Have CBD?

Can all pets have CBD? There are not a lot of studies that have been done on most types of pets. It is okay to give CBD to cats and dogs, though the dose needs to be carefully monitored. With other pets, it’s a good idea to speak with the veterinarian before offering it. The veterinarian may be able to view research on the effects it has for that type of pet and whether the pet can use CBD oil without adverse reactions.

Can Pets Overdose on CBD?

It is possible for pets to overdose on CBD, so it is crucial to start with a low dose and only provide the minimum amount needed to help with their ailments. The CBD offered to pets should be intended for ingestion and should be a low-THC version. Pets often cannot handle high-THC doses. On top of this, pets can only handle a small amount of CBD before they may suffer an adverse reaction. A veterinarian can advise on the proper dosage based on the pet’s type, weight, age, and other factors. If the veterinarian is not familiar with using CBD for pets, and is unsure of the dosage, use the smallest possible dose to see if that helps.

It’s only recently that people have begun to give CBD to their pets, but this is becoming increasingly common as there are stories out now about how much CBD oil can help. If you’d like to consider giving your pet CBD, learn more about the options available, proper doses, and more today. This could be an excellent way to help your pet reduce pain, get rid of anxiety, and more, but it should be given carefully to avoid any issues.


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