Cellulite Treatment With Viora Technology


Cellulite or that dreaded cottage cheese look is a common problem area for most women. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite does not occur from fat because thin people also have it. Cellulite is also a result of other factors such as fibrous bands that pull the fat down, creating a puckering effect and loss of collagen on the skin surface, leading to loss of texture and tightening and lymphatic drainage problems. Specialists at Ideal MedSpas provide McDonough laser treatment using Viora, helping them make a difference in their life and achieve the results they want to see.

Benefits of using Viora technology

Viora cellulite solution is perfect because it attacks the problem from different angles creating beautiful and smooth results.

Viora technology allows four different frequency modes to be used and suction and massage to help with lymphatic drainage.

The viora device is extremely ergonomic compared to other treatment devices, for example, a heavy-duty old-school laser is quite taxing and requires a person to build a lot of upper body strength to work with it.

The machine is versatile because it is light enough for a female, who is delicate in structure, to perform the device effectively without feeling very tired.

What to expect during Viora laser treatment

The first step is to apply glycerin, which allows the Viora device to maintain suction. Glycerin is not a coupling fluid, but it promotes suction.

Your doctor will then check your temperature because when most people come for treatment, their skin is usually too cool for the procedure. Temperature is a big part of Viora treatment. For pretreatment, your body temperature should be 30-40°C.

When using the device, your doctor will work from distal to proximal to allow lymphatic drainage.

The preheating phase and lymphatic stage are preparation for treatment.

What happens during treatment?

Treatment involves first attacking the deeper fat layer by shrinking the fat cells and loosening up the fibrous bands. Your doctor will use single and double pulses depending on what you can tolerate. The Viora reaction allows the discharge of multiple sequential pulses for stacking purposes. The application will continue to discharge pulses as long as the trigger is held down.

The next step involves tightening the skin by moving the device in a circular or zigzag pattern. In addition to fat removal, tightening the skin provides an excellent aesthetic look. Some patients want to remove loose skin after losing weight or generally due to collagen loss so Viora treatment is perfect for them. The treatment is very comfortable and the patient will feel as though they are having a warm massage.

Viora is used to reduce cellulite’s appearance on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, and back. However, the treatment is not permanent and you might require additional treatments to maintain results. Exercising and eating healthy after the procedure will help your results stay a bit longer. If you want to learn more about Viora laser treatment for cellulite, contact Ideal MedSpas or book an appointment online.

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