Chakra Healing In Adult And Children


Chakras are considered to play an effective role in many healing techniques and practices for centuries across the world. The positioning of Chakras is along the spinal cord from the bottom to the crown area of the human body. The practices of Yoga, meditation and Chakra are known to create mental, spiritual and physical well being among human beings of all ages.

Chakra- the wheel- is known to radiate energies in different directions with its spinning motion. It not only radiates the energy out but also draws it inwards from various sources, thoughts, and environments that surround us. There are 7 chakras, prominently known, that draw the vital energy within us and distribute it uniformly throughout our body. Thus, Chakra healing is a science that must be utilized well for our personal growth and benefits.

There is a misconception about such healing practices that these must be practiced only by adults to understand the role of chakras in their lives. It is not true. These healing are as effective for kids as for adults. Chakra cleansing and healing practices amongst kids make them more prone to free thoughts, clarification from the toxic environment of the world, liberation from negative energies that makes their mind creative, powerful and fearless to take up new challenges in life.

In this article. Let us learn about the role that Chakras can play in an adult as well as a kid’s life to make them better than before:

  • A better understanding of the self:

Many people often ask themselves the questions of reasons- “Why am I doing this? Why am I stuck in this situation?”- Such questions reflect their thoughts on a lack of understanding of their existence and purpose. At the same time, they do not know what are their capabilities and talents to deal with the circumstances that dwell around us. Similarly amongst the kids, as they grow in life, so many changes occur in their surroundings, in their bodies and the growth stages of lives of their peers too- confusions of roles, responsibilities, and existence often paramount their thoughts. These are problems exist because we look for their solutions outwards. However, if we start looking for solutions within us through Chakra Healing process, there will be a lot of clarity in thoughts and actions.

  • Independence and Responsibility:

When we do not know how to deal with a situation and how to deal with our thoughts, we want someone else to come and show us away! We become dependent on others for their wisdom, their love, their care, and support. This interdependence often leads us to hurt and depression whenever our expectations are not met in the right way. Through the Chakra cleansing process, we get to learn the importance of our own body and need to take care of it. We learn about how we should spend time trying to become responsible for own as well as the happiness of others instead of laying down our responsibilities on them.

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