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Chlamydia Symptoms and Testing


Chlamydia testing is used to confirm and screen for an infection caused by the bacteria called Chlamydia that is sexually transmitted. Chlamydia testing is normally done by a health care provider with a sample of bodily fluid from where you had sexual contact. The test will not indicate whether you have actually chlamydia, though. Chlamydia is a condition where the reproductive system of the body has been invaded by bacteria that causes severe discomfort and sometimes serious illness.

The most commonly performed Chlamydia test is the urine test. This Chlamydia test measures the amount of “Swiss- Balls” that are found in the urine of a person. These Swiss balls contain the Chlamydia bacteria that can be seen in the urine. A positive result means that there is indeed an infection by this bacteria in your body.

A Chlamydia test using a sample of a bodily fluid can also be performed. For this type of Chlamydia test, a sample of the fluid must be collected from an infected area on the skin such as the anus or vagina. The sample is then analyzed using various techniques and the results are compared with the results of a standard swab test. A positive result means that you definitely have the infection while a negative result suggests that you may have either no infection or an infection that has not yet reached the stages where hospitalization is necessary. The doctor thus makes a decision about your case based on these results.

You can save yourself from contracting sexually transmitted diseases by avoiding sexual activity with multiple partners. Having sex with an infected person whose current partner is negative or is too sick to get infected is the biggest risk factor. This makes having sex with an uninfected person highly advisable, especially for those who are sexually active. Thus, it is important to use protection if you are engaging in sexual activity. Otherwise, you could easily acquire chlamydia every year.

The third and most frequent Chlamydia symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding. Most women would describe this symptom as a watery discharge with a strong fishy smell. Abnormal vaginal bleeding should not be ignored as it could be the start of a Chlamydia outbreak. If you experience this symptom, seek medical attention right away so medical tests can be performed to confirm the presence of Chlamydia. std-test-kit has instant tests available for purchase.

These are the most common and major symptoms of Chlamydia that you need to be aware of. Regular testing for Chlamydia is highly recommended so you will know if you are already infected or not. If you are already infected, medical treatment is the best way to prevent serious health problems from developing. However, if you think you have contracted this disease but are still unsure, consult your doctor for a proper Chlamydia Test so you can determine if you have indeed contracted the infection or not. Chlamydia Testing and Chlamydia Symptoms can be done at home using self-testing kits but if you have reason to suspect that you might have contracted Chlamydia, you should have the disease tested by a reliable medical institution so you can confirm your diagnosis.

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