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CPAP Seasonal Allergies Tips | 5 Strategies to Combat Seasonal Allergies


The symptoms of seasonal allergies usually include bouts of itchiness, constant sneezing, and a runny nose. This can happen in any season of the year and maybe caused by different objects, or allergens.

These allergens tend to change throughout the seasons and may be attributed to substances like dust, pollen, mold, pet hair, mites, and in the colder, drier months, ragweed. With someone who is dealing with sleep apnea, allergies may make it difficult for the person to have a good night’s rest because of the uncomfortable symptoms allergies bring.

The main difference between allergies and the cold/flu or other similar viruses is that allergies do not give the person a fever. If sneezing has got you down this season, here are 5 strategies to combat your seasonal allergies:

1. Keep Anti-Histamines Close. When the body is exposed to an allergen, it releases what we call histamines which result in the allergic symptoms we previously mentioned. In the case of really uncomfortable symptoms, anti-histamines could be a good way to appease the near-constant sneezing and itchiness. It is prudent to ask a medical professional first about contraindications just in case you are taking other medications that might react to it.   Also, some anti-histamine may cause drowsiness so time it well if you take it, preferably near your bedtime.

2. Humid Air Helps. This is especially true during the Fall Season when the air becomes colder and drier. Humidifiers can be a big source of relief to have around the house. There are CPAP machines as well that have humidifier tanks that provide the same relief while sleeping. Remember to read the manual on how to operate and clean the tank before using it.

3. House Maintenance is Important. Keeping your home clean can help rid of the allergens on the list. If you and your family can make a day out of cleaning the house, that’d be some productive bonding time and in the end, you’ll be feeling those allergies a little less! If you don’t have the time to do it, a cleaning service could do a deep cleaning and give you the spotless home you’ve been wanting for a while!

4. Clean/Replace CPAP Supplies.  CPAP supplies have to constantly be cleaned and replaced, and during the allergy season, it might be good to take a look at how long you’ve been using the supplies and if it is time to replace it with new ones. This will keep you not only free from any allergens that might have built up but from other more serious conditions as well. It pays to be clean. Check all your CPAP supplies needs from!

5. Hydrocortisone it up. If the itchiness comes just before bedtime and you see a lot of scratch marks when you wake up, hydrocortisone, an anti-pruritic, can help alleviate the itchiness, leading to a more relaxed and rested sleep. Keep it on your bedside table for easy access.

Whatever season it may be, it helps to keep these strategies in mind to keep you feeling good and healthy as much as possible. Don’t let the sneezes get you down; follow these strategies to combat those unavoidable seasonal allergies.

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