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Waking up abruptly and ending up feeling dizzy may seem like a normal thing, especially after long working hours. You may feel lightheaded, faint, or feel like your head is spinning. Most people usually associate it with fatigue, and most often, they do not take it seriously, not knowing that it is a sign of an underlying disease.

If you feel like you are in a spinning room and you are neither under the influence of alcohol or under medication with dizziness as a side effect, then you need to visit Alexandria dizziness clinics for a Benign Positional Vertigo (BVP) checkup, a condition that causes short – term dizziness on sudden moves.

 Dizziness Causes

They range from low blood sugar to neurological diseases though you might have the most common ones like:

  •       Stroke
  •       Anxiety
  •       Middle ear disorder
  •       Ear infection
  •       Drop-in blood pressure
  •       A decrease in your blood volume
  •       Parkinson’s diseases
  •       Multiple sclerosis.
  •       A Sudden drop in blood pressure

Integrated Neurology Services.

The hospital is staffed with board-certified neurologists who are always ready, available, and happy to help their patients. They diagnose the cause of your dizziness as the first step to help administer a customized treatment.

If you feel dizzy and you have either a headache, neck ache, problem speaking, numbness or tingling, dropping in your eye or mouth chest pain, and you lose consciousness, make a call to book an appointment, and you are assured of getting specialized care depending on the severity of your condition.

The exceptional paramedics will give you a thorough checkup starting with a review of your symptom’s overall health, and lifestyle. A neurological test on your eyes and ears to assess your strength, balance, and reflexes, imaging studies like MRIs or CT scans might be necessary depending on the condition causing your dizziness.

Medicine or workouts are part of what paramedics can prescribe to help restore your stability when you have an inner ear issue.

Depending on the results from your diagnoses, they advise you to work on your diet. Less salt keeps your blood sugar level in check, and that stability is good enough to take you throughout the day.

Of all the dizziness Clinics we have all over the world, Neurology and sleep specialist are the best by far. Their improved modern clinics, skilled professionals, and caring staff make the curing of dizziness much easier, better and safe, and cheaper. Using home remedies to cure dizziness might not be the best idea because you might be treating symptoms of a more complicated disease that is only on the capacity of doctors.

Get an attractive and convenient service with Neurology and sleep experts in either Northern Virginia, Alexandria, VA, Lorton, VA and Falls Church, VA. With the availability of their specialized and customized services, dizziness will no longer affect your routine and schedule.

Contact them today and get an affordable, comprehensive diagnosis for all the neurological problems that cause dizziness from experts that will care for you until your back on your feet. Schedule an appointment online or by calling their office numbers to get the help that you need.

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