Does physiotherapy work for back pain?


Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment, which helps in improving the function and movement of your muscles and joints. If you are suffering from back pain, physiotherapy can help to minimize it and you can go back to normal movement. It can make changes that reduce the possibilities to hurt your back again. Physiotherapist Toronto uses various techniques and treatments that can work with back pain and provide advice on how you can look after your back. 

Need for physiotherapy for back pain

If you are suffering from back pain that is causing you major problems or if it is not improving after some weeks, it will be worth consulting a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is useful for back pain and it can help with the following:

  • Lower back pain that is non-specific- It is a back pain where there is no specific cause such as an injury or an underlying medical condition.
  • Back pain caused due to the ageing of discs in the spine
  • Sciatic pain- It is a kind of pain, which spreads from the back to down your legs. It might happen due to a prolapsed disc. 
  • Spinal stenosis- It happens when the space around the spinal cord become narrow thus, put pressure on the spinal cord. 

How can physiotherapy help you?

Early treatment is a significant factor that can reduce your back pain. The treatment focuses on mechanics, exercise, and posture that can ease your symptoms quickly and minimize your possibilities for recurrence. Physical therapists shall tailor treatment according to your problem depending on an in-depth examination and the causes of low back pain. The best treatments options for physiotherapists to treat back pain are the following:

  1. Manual therapy

Physiotherapists are skilled in manual therapy and they use accurate hands-on techniques for improving movement and stiffness of the muscles and joints of your spine.

  1. Movement exercises

These exercises decrease referred or radiating pain and restore motion. Many physiotherapists prescribe exercises that reduce back pain. If you have a chronic back pain, physiotherapists can still help you. Chronic back pain along with the two options is managed best along with progressive strengthening exercises. 

  1. Progressive strengthening exercises focus on endurance and core stability. 

It is important to see a physiotherapist who can manage your back pain. A detailed assessment of the back pain, how it happened and what can make it better shall allow physiotherapists prescribe the accurate treatment. Some evidence suggests that people have received the maximum benefit from physiotherapy. 

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