Dr. Jejurikar’s Recent Podcast – Plastic Surgery, Social Media & Marketing, Oh My! 


Dr. Jejurikar’s podcast, 3 Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone continues to bring listeners into the world of plastic surgery in a fun and engaging way. Since the launch of season 2 back in January 2021, the podcast is well on its way to yet another memorable season. One of the latest episodes, “SOCIAL MEDIA and PLASTIC SURGERY”, speaks directly on the modern times and sentiment surrounding plastic surgery.

Does Social Media & Plastic Surgery Go Hand In Hand?

Drs. Sam Jejurikar, Salvatore Pacella, and Sam Rhee all agree that the rise in social media and the rise of plastic surgery are related. While plastic surgery used to be a taboo subject a few decades ago, most individuals will not even bat an eyelash when they hear a friend has undergone plastic surgery. The increase in the number of pictures featuring plastic surgery has likely had a large impact on the positive attitude toward plastic surgery over the years. One also cannot forget how many celebrities and influencers proudly show off their body enhancements.

How Does a Plastic Surgery Practice Market Their Services These Days?

TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are some of the best marketing channels for a plastic surgery practice (or plastic surgery podcast) in this day and age. So many individuals are looking for inspiration, following their favorite celebrities, and entertaining their minds while online. These apps make it easy for board-certified doctors on the podcast to advertise their services, gain reviews from past clients, and help individuals learn more about plastic surgery.

Since these apps come with a range of filters and editing options, the surgeons of this plastic surgery podcast continue to have fun with their advertising. They understand the importance of speaking to the followers on each of the apps and keeping up with the times. From fun challenges to tried-and-true messaging, plastic surgery practices near and far continue to see the benefit of marketing and advertising on various social media apps.

Benefits & Issues of Social Media & Plastic Surgery

When Dr. Jejurikar and others look at the rising trend of social media and plastic surgery, some benefits and issues are apparent. Some of the best benefits for doctors and their practices is their ability to reach a wider audience, advertise any discounts or specials, and showcase customer testimonials. For patients, social media allows them to gain more knowledge on the procedures, get first-hand experiences from users they follow, and compare before and after pictures.

Some would say that the issues of social media and plastic surgery are alarming. With so many women (and men) looking at pictures and videos online, many feel like they lack good looks and must get plastic surgery to feel beautiful (or handsome). It can quickly impact their self-esteem and cause them to not have confidence.

The goal of plastic surgery is not to make anyone in the world feel like they must have work done to love how they look in the mirror. Drs. Jejurikar, Pacella, and Rhee want their patients to love what they see in the mirror before, during, and after the procedure. Rather than creating the perfect body or face, these surgeons strive to enhance beauty one patient at a time.

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