Effective Treatment of Irregular Periods in McDonough, GA


The average span of a menstrual cycle is twenty-eight days but varies between women. Irregular periods do not always signify a problem, but sometimes it is a good idea to consult a medical professional about them. If you are experiencing irregular periods, the physicians at Ideal Gynecology, LLC offer effective treatment for irregular periods in McDonough, Georgia. Lillian Schapiro, MD, Kristan Adams, MD, Kathryn Garren, WHNP, and the team of experts diagnoses and treats women affected by irregular periods. To learn more about your options to treat irregular periods, call or book an appointment online today.

What Are Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods refer to vaginal bleeding occurring outside your regular period. These might include extremely heavy periods, periods that vary in length considerably, vaginal bleeding, or spotting after intercourse or between menstrual cycles.  Menstrual cycles that are longer than forty days or shorter than twenty-one days are also referred to as irregular periods. The normal menstruation cycle is twenty-eight days but might occur a week earlier or later. A normal period persists for two to seven days.

What Are the Causes of Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods can happen at any time and can be caused by a range of underlying problems or factors. Some of the common causes include:

Ectopic Pregnancy

Irregular periods might sometimes result due to an ectopic pregnancy. During early pregnancy, hormone levels change, causing irregular periods in some women. If you test positive for pregnancy and serious pelvic aching, you should consult a medical professional immediately. If you get any vaginal bleeding when you are pregnant, you should also schedule an appointment online at Ideal Gynecology, LLC.  

Noncancerous growths

Various noncancerous growths can cause irregular periods. Uterine, cervical, and endometrial polyps can cause spotting or even heavy bleeding. Uterine fibroids can also play a part in causing irregular periods.

Hormone-related conditions

Some of the related hormonal conditions that might cause irregular periods include polycystic ovary syndrome, a thyroid disorder, starting or halting birth control hormonal options, etc.  


Various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections such as gonorrhea, vaginitis, chlamydia, and pelvic inflammatory disease can cause irregular periods. Irregular bleeding might also be a symptom of uterine, cervical, vaginal, or ovarian cancer or endometrial hyperplasia.

What Should You Expect During Treatment of Irregular Periods?

For effective treatment of irregular periods, you need to get an accurate diagnosis. When you book an appointment at Ideal Gynecology, LLC, the team of specialists will examine your medical history and carry out a comprehensive physical exam. They might also request laboratory tests, endometrial biopsy, or ultrasound. Depending on your diagnosis, the provider will use various treatment options to restore your regular periods, including hormonal birth control, an IUD with progesterone, an endometrial ablation, or a polypectomy. Some women are given prescription medication to help control the heavy bleeding.

To sum up, irregular periods can indicate a health issue, and some of these can result in severe problems such as fertility issues. For diagnosis of the cause of your irregular periods and to get effective treatment, call or schedule an appointment online with Ideal Gynecology, LLC today.

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