Endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty technique by Dr Avşar


Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey, become one of the most demanded operations thanks to Dr. Yakup Avşar and his developed techniques. A rhinoplasty operation is a nose operation which the aim is to restructure the nose if the patient is unsatisfied with it. The reason can be either inherited shape of the nose or change of the shape by accident. The result will be a visually valued nose, and it will boost up your self-confidence and life quality.

Dr. Avşar becomes a global brand in the field of rhinoplasty in Turkey , Istanbul, . He developed tools such as AVSARM, micro-cutting and micro-shaping tools, and 3D mask techniques.

Dr. Avşar applies endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty operation by himself, and during the operation, every step of the operation performed is monitored. Surgical area magnified twenty times, helping a detailed operation, which based on micro-surgery principles. Micro-cutting and micro-shaping tools help to design nasal-back bone structure and airway anatomy.


AVSARM, which is an endoscopic arm, is the success behind the endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty operation. Due to this system, each of the surgical steps tracked down by the doctor from tip to the top of the nose in micro details. Another property of the endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty technique is that the operation is done without cutting the nose or any leftover operation scar. Hence, the doctor does not break the nasal bones such that the nose does not drop. That enables to healing time to shortened, and the healing process becomes easier for the patient.

Who is Dr Yakup Avşar?

Dr. Yakup Avşar, a surgeon who is doing plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey, is the designer of AVSARM; a device that can be used in various plastic surgery procedures such as almond eyes or rhinoplasty. The device has two components, a video-endoscopic arm, and a carrying apparatus. Through these components, surgeons who are using AVSARM has complete control for the area that the procedure will be done.

Surgery Processes

For the past 15 years, Dr. Yakup Avşar is using AVSARM in the processes that he has done to visualize the area as perfect as possible to give his patients the desired outcome. With the extensive experience that he has gained through various plastic surgery applications and expertise in using AVSARM, the device that he has designed; Dr. Yakup Avşar will provide unique solutions for his patients. Before the surgery, he will talk about your motivations behind the procedure – he will make sure that you are ready for change emotionally and physically. After the first consultation, he will thoroughly explain the procedure that he will do, such as where the process will be done or what not to consume before the surgery. Finally, when the surgery is done, and you are released from the hospital a day after, you will be provided with detailed guidelines about post-surgery care.

Plastic surgery is a big step for change and requires an experienced surgeon for a good result. Dr. Yakup Avşar is the plastic surgeon that you will need for your desires for plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey to have a refreshed and rejuvenated youthful look.

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