Enjoy Exceptional Orthodontic Treatment Through Quality Clear Aligners in Florida


Clear aligners utilize custom mouthpieces to straighten crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth. At the Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry located in Orlando, FL, highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentist specialist Jose Marcano, DMD, and the expert medical team utilize ClearCorrect clear aligners to help teens and adults achieve symmetrical and attractive smiles they deserve. To determine if you are the right candidate for clear aligners in Orlando, FL, call the office of Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry or request an appointment online.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are personalized mouthpieces that fit seamlessly over your teeth. They are more discreet compared to conventional braces but just as effective. The clear aligners exert slight pressure onto your alveolar bone and tooth roots. With time, this pressure restores your teeth into the correct position, enhancing the general physical appearance of your smile and overall oral health likewise.

What Oral Concerns Can Clear Aligners Address?

At the Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Marcano and the expert medical team utilize clear aligners to rectify a wide range of dental imperfections, such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, overjet, misaligned jaws, underbite, and crossbite. You may also benefit from this orthodontic treatment if you have visible gaps or spaces between your teeth.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners Comprise?

Orthodontic treatment through clear aligners starts with an in-house consultation. During the appointment, Dr. Marcano performs a dental exam, cross-checks your oral history, and discusses your unique wants and goals with treatment.

With this information, he conducts oral X-rays to assess the position of your teeth. Dr. Marcano uses an intraoral scanner to take impressions of your mouth. He uploads these impressions to computer-aided design software and creates a personalized treatment plan, which outlines the step-by-step motion of your teeth. 

After completing your plan, Dr. Marcano sends these impressions to an oral laboratory. The laboratory develops your first set of ClearCorrect aligners. After a week following your initial appointment, you get back to the office and fit them. Throughout your treatment, your specialist advises you to return to the office every few weeks. Following each checkup, you are transitioned to a new set of aligners, and every new set edges you closer to your treatment goals.

How Long is Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners?

Although individual results may vary, orthodontic treatment using ClearCorrect clear aligners generally takes 6-12 months. To ensure you get through treatment in the most comfortable way, you must wear the aligners for up to 22 hours every day. Only remove the aligners when eating and fit them back immediately after.

Once you complete wearing the aligners, you proceed to a retainer. A retainer is a dental appliance that ensures your teeth remain in the correct position.

In conclusion, Dr. Marcano is dedicated to offering top-level oral care to patients across the Florida community. To find out more concerning the benefits of orthodontic treatment using clear aligners, schedule a consultation by calling the Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry or use the online booking tool to get started.

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