Fix Your Missing Tooth or Teeth Using Dental Bridges


Dental health is crucial for a good lifestyle and proper nutrition. Maintaining your oral health is a lifetime commitment. However, the only way to take care of your dental hygiene is to learn the essential habits like brushing your teeth with the recommended brush and reducing your sugar intake. According to statistics, most adults between the ages of 25-65 have missing teeth or have decayed teeth, which they will eventually lose.

Despite taking care of your teeth and maintaining oral hygiene to prevent losing a tooth or teeth, you may lose a tooth or teeth in other ways. You may lose your teeth through a car accident or falling from a high place. Glendale dental bridges can restore your lost tooth or teeth. The specialist can replace your tooth or teeth in different dental bridging ways.

The Most Common Type of Dental Bridges

There are many ways a dentist can fix your lost teeth. Some ways include:

  •       Composite bridges. If you have just one missing tooth, a composite bridge will be effective. This type of bridging is done by filling the space with a bonding material. A dentist may use a reinforced ribbon to strengthen the composite bridge. This bridging is done in one dental visit.
  •       Cantilever bridges. This type of bridge is done when there is only one anchor tooth to hold your missing tooth or teeth. It is most applicable to a tooth or teeth with less bite force. However, if placed well, it can also work on teeth with extreme bite force.
  •       Maryland Bridges. This type of bridge involves a plastic tooth with a gum that is fortified with a metal frame. The metal frame is attached to the existing anchor teeth. This bonding is mainly done on front teeth that are in stable condition.
  •       Tradition bridges. These bridges are the most used in restoring lost teeth. If you have a tooth that needs restoration, a traditional bridge will work for you. 

A dental bridge provides full restoration of your dental formula. Taking care of your oral hygiene after tooth restoration is a crucial factor in preventing the loss of the remaining natural teeth. Below are some benefits of performing dental bridges:

Top Four Reasons for Dental Bridges

Replacing your lost tooth or teeth is a great idea. When you get a dental bridge, you:

  •       Maintain the shape of your face
  •       Prevent teeth from shifting out of their position
  •       Restore your smile
  •       Enhance the chewing and speaking ability

The most impressive thing that can make you happy is to see your body beautiful and in good shape. Maintaining your oral health is one way of preventing diseases that can lead to teeth loss. In case you have a missing tooth, it is now easier and faster to replace. Dental bridges are done in different ways according to the number of teeth you want to fix. Before performing teeth replacement, it is required to consult your dentists for preparation.  Alta Canyada Dental Group offers the best dental bridges service.  Call them today!

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