Getting A Massage In Tustin, CA


Tired, aching body? 

Are you feeling stressed lately? 

Think it’s taking a toll on your body and skin? 

If your answer is yes, then it is probably time to give yourself some TLC and consider getting a massage in Tustin, CA. Whether you want some relief of aching muscles or want to have some relaxing bond with your partner, these soothing massage simply feel good. Plus, they offer some great health benefits and leaving you invigorated and more energized than ever!

So, what are the different types of massages you can get in Tustin, CA?


  • Swedish Massage


Probably the best known and most popular type of massage, Swedish massage involved long, fluid strokes of tissues and muscles with pressure varying from firm, medium, and light. This kind of massage is one of the most relaxing and flexible styles available with the therapist adjusting the pressure according to your preference and sensitivity. 


  • Deep Tissue Massage


A lot more intense and deeper than the popular Swedish massage, this kind of massage use deep-guided and slow strokes and firm pressure in order to relieve severe tensions to reach below the superficial muscles. 

This kind of massage is often recommended for people who experience chronic soreness and pain in both small and large muscle groups.


  • Hot Stone Massage


Just like the popular Swedish massage, the signature full-body hot stone massage is super relaxing but even more energizing. In this kind of massage, the therapist utilizes hot stones in order to massage your whole body.

The heat from the stone helps in releasing the tension in your shoulders, back and other parts of the body so that your muscles can work more effectively. The result is an extremely invigorating feeling without the soreness and pain. 


  • Couples Massage


Whether you want to relax with your partner or bond with your parent, child or best friend, a couples massage should give both of you the ultimate relaxation to bond and connect with each other. 

Also called a duo massage or duet massage, this kind of massage allows you and your partner to have a massage in one room at the same time. 


  • Pre-Natal and Postpartum Massage


Whether you’re expecting or already delivered, day spas on Tustin, CA also offer some beneficial and gentle massages suitable for expecting or post-partum moms. 

The pre or post-partum massages help in reducing or eliminating the pain of your lower back, shoulders, and neck, swollen ankles and legs. Each session is customized to your changing needs and you will find comfort as each session alleviates anxiety, stress, tiredness and pain. 


  • Hand and Foot Massage


Your hands and feet also deserve some TLC. And with a hand and foot massage, you will surely drift away as a therapist uses ancient Chinese techniques using Reflexology (pressure point massage) to relieve tension and pain on your overworked hands and feet. 


  • Infrared Massage


There are also some spas in Tustin, CA that offer infrared massage. The restorative and deep penetrating heat of an infrared light therapy offer therapeutic benefits designed to soothe muscle soreness and fatigue, perfect for those with arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

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