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Heal the Sleep Apnea with Various Diagnosis & Use of Equipment’s for Sleep – 


Sleep Apnea refers to the cessation of breathing during sleep. In Hong Kong, an estimated 280,000 people (which is 5% of the population) suffer from this disease. Sleep apnea Hong Kong is a kind of a breathing disorder and is sleep-related. This is a kind of a medical condition which is prevalent among the adult population and has been affecting 2-4% of the population. In sleep-disordered breathing, the most common condition is the OSA i.e. Obstructive Sleep Apnea. And among the middle-aged population, it affects 4% of the males and 2% of the females. And the rest 25% of the affected people are elderly people. 

But it is the most unfortunate case that Sleep apnea Hong Kong remains undiagnosed and untreated in many communities and places in Hong Kong. There are many clinics which come with the latest equipment’s and many techniques such as the Poly-som-ethnography system and CPAP i.e. continuous positive airway pressure treatments which help the doctors in giving the right kind of diagnosis and treatments. 

OSA is a contributing factor to many diseases such as – 

  • hypertension
  • Ischemic heart disease
  •  stroke & heart failure
  •  nocturnal arrhythmia 
  • sudden cardiac death 

There are many symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome. They are as follows –

  • Habitual Snoring 
  • Excessive daytime sleep 
  • Choking during sleep 
  • Increased cardiovascular morbidity & mortality etc. 

There are many equipment’s available for Sleep apnea Hong Kong and there are also many services comprising of the following – 

  • Consultation by a specialists 
  • Latest Polysomnography system 
  • CPAP titration 

Under the diagnosis, the Polysomnography will record the following – 

  • EEG, EOG, 
  • chin & leg EMG, 
  • ECG & nasal airflow
  • abdominal and chest wall movements 
  • digital oximetry

Equipment’s Available – 

There are many different types of machines also that are available like the automatic sleep ventilator, bi-level sleep ventilator, travel type sleep ventilator, oxygen machine, nasal mask, etc. that are available for people with Sleep apnea Hong Kong. 

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