How Much Do Plastic Surgery Google Ads Cost?


Google Pay-Per-Click ads have become one of the top ways that businesses advertise online. With this type of advertising, Google places curated ads at the top and bottom of each search results page. Usually, these ads relate directly to the search query. For example, if you search for “croissants”, you may receive ads for nearby bakeries. Plastic surgeons can also utilize these methods to attract leads and people already interested in plastic surgery. But, how much do plastic surgery Google ads cost? This will depend on a few different factors. Let’s first explore what PPC can do for plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Google Ads

As discussed above, Google ads will populate in correlation to search terms. For plastic surgery digital marketing, choosing keywords carefully can mean reaching your target audience quickly. Google ads operate in two ways: dynamic ads and search ads.

With dynamic ads, Google’s algorithm examines the copy of the ad and presents it to search terms that seem to match. This is achieved through writing strategic ad copy rich with keywords and information Google can use to present your ad to the most relevant users. Dynamic ads present your ads to more people, though they can end up leading to irrelevant clicks. You can prevent irrelevant clicks with clear copy and a good negative keyword profile.

Search ads are designed to appear for certain trigger keywords. When these words appear in a search, Google will feed the user your ad. This delivers your ad directly to people searching about the procedure or plastic surgery. Search ads can be limited and mean that you receive all around fewer clicks. 

In general, at realdrseattle®, we recommend utilizing both types of ads to garner the best results and reach the relevant audiences search ads may not include. Search ads make sure your ads always reach the right people while dynamic ads take chances that may pay off.

Cost Of PPC For Plastic Surgeons

The cost of Google PPC depends on the agency you go through and your marketing budget. Generally, the initial cost of Pay-Per-Click advertising is set by the plastic surgeon based on how much they want to spend on online ads. From this, the agency typically draws a fee equivalent to a certain percentage of the budget. Occasionally, some agencies may draw a separate PPC services fee.

At realdrseattle®, we charge 15% of the budget. With this 15%, you receive guidance from our PPC experts who will craft ads built to convert. Strategic ad copy and intelligent ad targeting allow you to receive the highest return on investment possible from your plastic surgery PPC advertising with realdrseattle®. 

You can learn more about our price structure at realdrseattle® is a full service marketing agency that focuses exclusively on the plastic surgery industry. Along with our gold standard PPC services, realdrseattle® also offers plastic surgery web design and development, content marketing, social media, and SEO services to plastic surgeons.

To learn more and schedule your free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online at

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