How Often Should You See a Dentist


Dentists who are committed to their profession will take the extra mile to educate people on preventing dental issues. Many of them send reminders to their patients when they are due for their 6-month cleaning at the dental office. But, not all people can stick to the twice-a-year rule.

Although it is a good rule of thumb to see a dentist Providence RI twice every year, people can schedule dental visits based on their oral hygiene, medical conditions, and habits. This is the reason they need to ask their dentist when they must schedule their next cleaning after every appointment.

Is Seeing a Dentist More Often Necessary?

Often, seeing a dental expert twice every year works well for a lot of people. But, some are fine with fewer visits while others might need more frequent visits. Those who are at a greater risk of dental disease and conditions might have to visit at least every three months. These include pregnant women, people who have gum disease, smokers, diabetics, and those who have a weak immune response to bacterial infection. The dentist may help a patient combat a temporary infection or treat unexpected mouth changes.

Importance of Dental Visits

Even if a person has been taking care of their teeth and gums properly at home, they still have to see a dentist regularly. A dentist can check for issues that a person might or might not see or feel. Dental issues such as the early stage of gum disease or cavities can only be visible or painful when they are in more advanced stages. The dentist might be able to prevent or treat the problem when detected in the early stages.

But, patients can keep their dental visits minimum by maintaining good oral hygiene. This means brushing the teeth twice every day and flossing once a day.

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