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How to Find the Best Orthodontist?

Expert Dentist in Bankstown

When you are looking for the best Bankstown orthodontics doctor you need to find the one with the best education. It would always be better if the doctor in question has trained at a university. You can be sure that you would get basic orthodontic treatment from a practitioner who has not progressed beyond dental school. However, you can be sure that you would receive the best treatment from those who have trained at a university. These doctors are members of national associations as well. This is further proof of their overall quality.


You need to find out about the accreditation and certification of your preferred orthodontist. 

If your dentist in Bankstown has received her or his professional certification from a national level body, it is better. This is because such recognition shows that she or he has walked that extra mile to show how dedicated she or he is towards gaining excellence in this regard. 

Quality of the office

This is also an extremely important factor in this particular case. How clean is the office? How updated is it? Is it a modern establishment in any sense of the term? The answers to these questions are rather important as in the end they help you determine whether you should choose that particular dentist or not. 

Use of digital x-rays 

This is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the best Bankstown orthodontics. You may not know this but in digital x-rays, the amount of radiation is 50 percent of what is used in conventional x-rays.

Use of cone-beam x-ray machines

This is an important factor in this regard as well. The cone beams are a lot like a medical CAT (computerized axial tomography) scan. The main difference between both is that the cone beam machines use a lot less radiation than the CAT scan machines. 

Your orthodontic dentist in Bankstown can also use these to take 3D (3 dimensional) x-rays. This helps them properly locate teeth that are yet to erupt or have been affected in a bad way. 

Use of the 3D scanner

You need to find out if the orthodontist uses a 3D scanner or not. These scanners can make electronic models of your teeth. In this case, the doctor would not make a conventional mold for keeping records or for making appliances like Invisalign. 

A few things to consider about Invisalign

Are you thinking of availing Bankstown orthodontics treatment with the help of Invisalign? In this case, the first thing that you need to consider is the experience that your preferred doctor has about such treatment. How many such cases do they tend to in a particular year? How comfortable is your orthodontist in treating most of the cases that come to her or him with Invisalign? Does she or he prefer to use Invisalign to treat only some simple cases? If you are seriously thinking about such treatment it would make sense to find a doctor who has a lot of experience in this regard.

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