How you can start strength training with dumbbells only?


For every athlete, dumbbell training is a must to build up their mass, increase coordination, and help you increase the strength. Hence, it is proven that you can achieve the strength training for half marathon with dumbbell only.

There are certain steps that one can follow for doing this training.

  • Defining your workout split

Depending completely on your training and commitment towards it, you can work out well. A total body split is defined as an activity where you can do training to strengthen your upper as well as lower body. There is one push/pull split where you can emphasize on pushing the weight.

  • Determining the foremost dumbbell movements

Before starting the training, the first thing you should do is consult the trainer about the movements that help you in gaining strength. Never skip doing all kinds of dumbbell exercises to maintain your fitness and muscle.

  • Don’t forget to add extra workout for building muscles

Apart from the strength training, you can’t forget about the accessory work that helps you to maximize hypertrophy. For example, if we talk about the single joint movements they are excellent for an accessory segment. Basically, the compound lifting is the reason behind the overall muscle growth.

  • Create the reps or sets you want to follow

A perfect dumbbell program is destined in various shapes and sizes. Make sure you should remain stick to the guidelines and get the right training. Now the question is how many exercises you can perform per workout. Usually, people get stick to the 4-6 exercises per workout. Just stay focused on the quality of sets you perform. Don’t do anything to make your exercises sloppy.

If you want to grow the muscles, you should train yourself without any failure and just focus on the muscle strength training.

What next you can do?

Positively, the ultimate dumbbell strength training is considered for developing a program that needs to be done in the right direction. This clearly shows that dumbbells are popularized to be a great tool for increasing your strength and progress towards the weights.


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