Know the Types of Martial Arts


Have you ever pondered about something special that can bring in all-round development in you? If you are yet to find an answer, let us help you out—it is none other than martial arts.

Yes, it is martial arts, which are not only techniques to defend you against attackers but are a complete package of self-development.

In addition to empowering you to defend yourself, you will gain a slew of physical as well as mental benefits that will transform you completely.

Among the physical benefits, you will see improvement in your cardiovascular health and flexibility.

At the same time, you will be able to reduce your weight and strengthen your muscles. Its mental benefits include improving attention, controlling anger, and lowering stress apart from sharpening your memory.

After having understood the benefits of martial arts, it is worthwhile for you to brush up your knowledge with the major types of martial arts that are in existence. The following are some of the popular types:

Aikido: A Japanese martial art, it is performed by moving along with the motion of the opponent rather than opposing.

Judo: Also a Japanese martial art, it focuses on to either throw the opponent to the ground and immobilize or subdue him with a grappling move, joint lock, stranglehold, or choke.

Muay Thai: A Thailand origin martial art, it uses stand-up striking and clinching techniques involving punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knee strikes, using eight points of contact.

Taekwondo: A Korean martial art, it involves kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes.

Kickboxing: A Japanese martial art, it is a fusion of boxing strikes with hands and feet.

Karate: A Japanese martial art focussed on self-defense above everything; it includes kicks, punches, and blocks.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the entire spectrum of martial arts in existence. And you should not wait any longer to get in touch with a martial arts gym to undergo experience as the whole of understanding what martial arts are all about.

Please go through the infographic in this post to know what martial arts have to offer.How-Martial-Arts-Impacts-Your-Well-Being-Infographic-1

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