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The medical science has made tremendous progress throughout the history of time in curing both physical and mental illnesses. However there also remains natural and age old cures till date which also call for such people as shamans and such events as soul healing. One such medicine is the ayahuasca which is a brew concocted by people of the Amazon regions from the banisteriopsis caapi vine and other plants. Taking ayahuasca as treatment has been commonplace among the tribes as well as the modern society people , particularly to reach the higher level of human consciousness.

More details on preparation of ayahuasca and its effects

The ayahuasca liana is a pretty plant but only few species of the plant can be used for making a ceremonial brew called the ayahuasca.  The liana in itself can grow to a higher level and wrap itself around other trees. The liana has no effect. The authentic ayahuasca is used for cleansing out of the stomach.  The chacruna is another vital ingredient used for preparation of the ayahuasca drink. The crisp leaves of the chacruna are boiled alongside other ingredients till the thick brown liquid is formed which is then put to use for ceremonies and rituals. The drink prepared from this potion can cause dizzy spells and nausea.

Going to retreats

There is many an ayahusca Peru retreat centre for the people to experience the ayahuasca rejuvenation and its effects. The Moyano retreat centre Peru summons the participants to feel the amazing blend of the curing power of the traditional plants as well as the conventional ceremonies of the experienced shamans of the Shipibo- Conibo clan. There are as many as ayahuasca rituals depending upon the days and nights you stay. The shamans sing   icaro songs which are sacred for the groups as well as for the patients on an individual level. Then a cleansing procedure is done with mapacho tobacco to rid the patients of dark emotions and evil spirits.  There are individual diets with the herbal plants for helping out the patients in recovering from the undesired physical impacts during the ceremonies

The shibipo massage provided with the herbal plants can also be an antidote in relieving emotional hurdles and releasing your mental energies into a positive direction. You can also get a lot of positive effects in love and luck and get rid of misfortune from plant and flower douche ingredients. However before booking an appointment, it is always good to gather important information about ayahuasca ceremony .

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