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Buying medicines over the internet may even be more practical, but you need to take some precautions. The sale of medicines by remote means (websites, telephone and others) has been regulated by the National Health Surveillance Agency, and there are a series of commitments that establishments have to fulfill.

In addition, prescription drugs (for example, those with a black label) cannot be sold over the internet, telephone, or other types of non-face-to-face channels. To purchase, consumers must personally attend the establishment and present a prescription. In case the user of the medicine cannot go to the pharmacy, a legal representative can do this.

 So if you come across sites that don’t follow any of these rules, be wary. It is necessary to be attentive to avoid falling into fraud, such as selling illegal substances or even authorized drugs, but counterfeit or with different ingredients from the original. Check out tips to buy safely:

 Consult your doctor

Before buying any medication, consult your doctor and only take prescription drugs for you. He is the specialized professional to indicate the best treatment for your body. Do not try to purchase products that your friends or acquaintances take, or that you have seen in advertisements. Never buy medicine on your own.

Buy from a well-known pharmacy

If you come across a website that does not provide contact details, phone number and address, be wary. The rule published in 2009 requires pharmacies and drugstores to present a series of information on the website, such as corporate name and pharmacy name, CNPJ, full address, opening hours, telephone and name on the council of the responsible pharmacist from the Online Pharmacy USA.

Do not buy from websites that do not require a prescription

Pharmacies and drug stores that sell drugs on the internet without a prescription are violating the law. Sites that report recipes only if you answer an online questionnaire are also not safe. Only your doctor can prescribe the correct medication for your treatment.

Do not request medication not authorized

Many fraudulent sites sell medicines not authorized over the internet. In addition to being illegal to import or purchase drugs not approved in Brazil, you can put your health at risk. Taking unauthorized substances can have serious consequences for your body.

 Request access to the registered pharmacist

As we said at the beginning of the text, online pharmacies are required to provide a pharmacist if the customer requests it. If you have questions about the medication after you start taking it, or are concerned about the drug’s reactions in your body, it may be interesting to talk to a pharmacist.

Check the website domain

Only websites with the domain ‘’ are authorized to receive medication orders. It is a way for the agency to identify those responsible for registering sites. Online pharmacies must also provide the product’s trade name, the active ingredients; the concentration, pharmaceutical form and quantity of the medication; the registration number, the name of the record holder; and the price of the drug.

 Check if the products are sealed

When the medicines arrive at your home, check in front of the delivery person if they are properly sealed. If they are open or with a hole, you can request an immediate exchange of the product. For your safety, do not take medication that is not completely sealed.


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